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Fragrance Wheel

If you’ve ever felt a little lost when trying to choose oils for your collection, or struggled with how to combine your own scents for the perfect blend, you’re not alone. Welcome to the Fragrance Wheel, a system which uses 10 different color categories and puts each individual scent into a Fragrance Family—Herbal, Medicinal, Floral, Spice, Wood, Fruity, Mint, Foodlike, Earthy or Fresh. Once you know where on the fragrance wheel a few of your favorite scents are, it’s easy to look up other options you’ll love.


As the largest fragrance family on the wheel, herbal scents are divided into two categories: fresh and green. Fresh herbal scents are the calming, sweeter herbs. Think herbs you might turn into a creamy cup of tea, like Chamomile, or sweet herbs used to gently add flavor to a dish, like Basil. Woody Thyme also falls into the fresh category. Green herbals are sharper, brighter scents that smell fresh, lively and feel crisp.