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Lucky Blends are Back -- And They Brought a Friend!


Lucky Blends are Back -- And They Brought a Friend!

Keep calm and stay lucky! For a shamrockin’ good time, we’ve brought back our three favorite essential oil blends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day — plus one more! Great for DIY projects or enjoying in your diffuser to freshen up your living space, these blends are sure to brighten your day and make you feel like the luckiest person alive!

Lucky Essential Oil Blend

Our Lucky Blend is a bright, clean, minty blend with a hint of citrus. It that will put a spring in your step and brighten your day! Diffuse Lucky and the magical aroma of Bergamot, Steam Distilled Lime, and Spearmint will freshen a room, enlighten your spirit, and support a feeling of confidence and motivation.

To use Lucky, diffuse to fill your home with a fresh, crisp aroma. Use at a 1-2% dilution with your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil for an invigorating neck and shoulder massage that will help encourage a bright mood.

Ready to refresh your tired feet? Try this Cooling Food Scrub DIY!

Plant Therapy's Lucky Cooling Foot Scrub DIY

Luckier Essential Oil Blend

Our Luckier Blend includes the fresh citrus scents of Pink Grapefruit and Steam Distilled Lime, alongside the spicy Black Pepper and sweetly floral Magnolia Flower for a blend that is fresh, crisp, and delightfully sweet.

Diffuse or use at a 2-3% dilution with your favorite carrier oil or other body product and apply topically for a bright and uplifting boost. The strong aroma of this blend makes it great to pair with passive diffusers as well – try a few drops on our Passive Sunflower Diffuser and enjoy the subtle citrusy-sweetness wherever your diffuser goes! For a lovely DIY body butter, try this recipe:

Plant Therapy's Luckier Whipped Body Butter DIY

Luckiest Essential Oil Blend

Finally, don’t settle for being luckier, be the luckiest! Our complex, unique blend combines Himalayan Cedarwood, Coffee, German Chamomile, Vanilla, Copaiba, Atlas Cedarwood, Blood Orange, Cardamom, and Lemon to take being lucky to a whole new level. Luckiest was created to evoke the scent of classic warm Irish cream coffee. With a sweet, buttery scent accented by nutty notes and the rich smell of a full-bodied coffee, Luckiest is going to become your favorite way to wake up.

Try this blend in a DIY lip balm to enjoy its warm, coffee-like aroma.

Plant Therapy's Luckiest Lip Balm DIY

Good Luck Essential Oil Blend

And last but never least — say hello to our newest member of the Lucky Family – Good Luck! This delicately sweet, vibrantly juicy, and subtly spicy, you’re sure to love how the Sweet Orange and Lemon provide the energizing bright top notes, while Cardamom and Sweet Marjoram lend herbaceous and warm qualities. Copaiba and a touch of Jasmine Absolute brings creamy sweetness, along with crisp, woody notes from Balsam Fir and Virginian Cedarwood. This blend helps to promote a calm alertness that may help soothe feelings of tension and unease. Dilute in your favorite carrier oil and apply topically to help support a healthy digestive system or provide warmth to tight, tense muscles.

good luck

Try Good Luck alongside our exclusive Good Luck Charm Passive Diffuser. These beautiful hand-made cotton and yarn macrame rainbows are perfect to hang from your review mirror or wherever you want this adorable diffuser to shine! Simply add a few drops of Good Luck to the natural wooden beads of the diffuser for a gentle aroma. These passive diffusers are limited, so get your hands on one while you can. Make sure to check out Oh, Little Layne on Etsy or Instagram to support this local Twin Falls, Idaho shop!

So if you are in need of a little luck, why not pick up one, two, three, or all four of these fabulous blends. Your luck will thank you.