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Lovely Lantana & Leleshwa Oils


Lovely Lantana & Leleshwa Oils
For the month of March we are offering two refreshing oils that help purify the air and support healthy skin! Our Leleshwa and Lantana oils are an Oil of the Month offering throughout the month of March. Let us know if you love them and we might just bring them into our permanent collection!

Lantana Essential Oil

The joyful, bright burst of colorful blooms and vibrant green leaves from the Lantana camara plant aren't just beautiful to look at — they create a unique essential oil with a sweet, grassy scent. Lantana Essential Oil helps to soothe nervous tension and can bring about feelings of calmness and serenity. This balancing oil can be enjoyed before going to bed to help calm the mind or inhaled throughout particularly stressful days to experience a sense of ease. Lantana also supports a healthy respiratory system and encourages clear and easy breathing due to its expectorant properties. When diluted and used topically, this oil can soothe irritated, dry, and itchy skin, as well as offer gentle healing properties to minor skin wounds.

Some Things to Know

Botanical Name: Lantana camara Country of Origin: France Plant Part Used: Aerial Parts Primary Constituents:
  • β-Caryophyllene
  • Davanone D
  • Sabinene
Aromatic Scent: Sweet grassy aroma with subtle fruity and woody notes Directions: Aromatic - Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water. Topical - Dilute to a maximum of 1% in a carrier. Shelf Life: 1-2 Years KidSafe: Yes Pregnancy Safe/ Nursing Safe/Pup & Pony Safe: No

Leleshwa Essential Oil

Freshen up your home naturally with the powerful cleansing properties of Leleshwa Essential Oil. Also known as African Wild Sage or Camphor Bush, this sage shrub is indigenous to Eastern Africa and has historical usage helping to purify, deodorize, and support overall wellness. The clean, uplifting camphorous scent is wonderful to diffuse to help banish stale, musty odors, especially during times of illness to help clear the air. Leleshwa makes a great alternative to Tea Tree oil thanks to its affinity for supporting clear, healthy looking skin. Try banishing blemishes by diluting Leleshwa in a carrier oil and applying directly to the area of concern. This oil can also be added to your shampoo or conditioner to promote scalp health and tackle dandruff.

Some Things to Know

Botanical Name: Tarchonanthus camphoratus Country of Origin: Kenya Plant Part Used: Leaves and Flowers Primary Constituents:
  • a-Pinene
  • endo-Fenchol
  • 1,8-Cineole
Aromatic Scent: Distinct camphorous aroma with subtle floral and citrus notes Directions: Aromatic - Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water. Topical - Dilute to 2-4% in a carrier. Shelf Life: 3-4 Years KidSafe/Pregnancy Safe/Nursing Safe/Pup & Pony Safe: No

Headache Relief Pre-Diluted Roll-On Blend

What you'll need: What you'll do: Add the essential oils into a 10 mL roller bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with a carrier oil of your choice. Add roller ball and cap then shake to blend oils together. Apply to the area of concern every 20 minutes for an hour to help alleviate head and neck tension. Let us know what you think about Lantana and Leleshwa! Don’t have yours yet? Make sure to head over to our Oil of the Month Club.