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Everything You Need to Know About Using Vetiver Essential Oil


Everything You Need to Know About Using Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver essential oil isn’t one of the most common oils, but its use dates back for hundreds of years. It’s been used medicinally all over the world in places like Asia and West Africa. It’s made through the steam distillation of a grass called Vetiveria zizanoides, which has a powerful but delightful earthy fragrance that promotes cooling of the mind and the body.

Vetiver essential oil is used extensively across the world for making perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and to freshen and cool rooms. It has a strong aroma similar to Patchouli essential oil and is described as smoky, spicy and herbaceous. It is valued for its ability to enhance a sense of deep grounding and is known in Sri Lanka as the “oil of tranquility.” If you are curious about this exotic oil, here are a few of our favorite ways to use and benefit from vetiver:

1. Skin

getting a back massageIf you suffer from blemishes or irritating redness, try incorporating vetiver into your skincare routine. This oil is excellent for the skin and promotes skin health and a smooth, even-looking skin tone. Vetiver is also highly cleansing and can support a fresh face and clear pores. Its cooling abilities are useful for soothing skin that has been overexposed to the sun, dehydrated or wind-chapped. Add it to your favorite unscented lotions or cleansers and reap the ancient beauty benefits of this exotic oil.

2. Promotes Deep Meditation

Because of its ability to calm, center and ground the mind, vetiver makes a beautiful essential oil to utilize in your meditation practice.

3. Vetiver to Beat Stresswoman receiving scalp massage

Vetiver oil is calming and soothing and has the power to help release negative feelings like anger and irritability associated with stress. It can also help promote feelings of hope to people who feel disconnected and lack motivation.

One study done on rats showed that individuals who inhaled vetiver essential oil performed better during stressful tasks. In another study, scientists found that it had positive effects on emotional regulation, blood pressure, and heart rate. If you are prone to feelings of stress, try incorporating vetiver into the hectic parts of your day with a portable essential oil inhaler.

How to Use Vetiver

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil If you’re new to vetiver, you may be wondering the best ways to use this ancient, grounding oil. Vetiver is versatile, but it is also a particularly potent essential oil, great for aromatherapy and diffusing.

It’s especially lovely in a warm bath to promote deep relaxation. Vetiver essential oil blends well with lavender, sandalwood, rose, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. Play around with some blends and discover how vetiver can highlight the positive qualities of some of your favorite oils. Just remember that when adding any essential oil to your bath, you should always add an emulsifier first!

As with any oil, make sure to dilute vetiver before applying topically. Use sparingly because it is a potent oil, though it is generally considered safe and non-irritating. Always buy 100 percent pure oil that is free from additives and artificial ingredients. Enjoy adding some vetiver to your life!