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20 Ways to Elevate Your Self Care Routine with Essential Oils


20 Ways to Elevate Your Self Care Routine with Essential Oils

Plant Therapy 20 DIYs to Elevate your Self Care Routine

It’s self-care month! Celebrate right now by saving 15% when you buy six undiluted oils with coupon code BYOSSC!

Each person has their own unique way to care for themselves. We develop day-to-day strategies to help keep us feeling and looking our best – for the most part. But over the last several months, Plant Therapy has rolled out a ton of amazing DIYs focused on just that – self care!

Here, we’ve put them together so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for, or try something entirely new to you, so that you can really elevate your self care game and break out of a self care rut if you haven’t changed up your routine much lately.

Self Care Tip #1: A happy mood makes a happy day!

When your mood is positive and energized, everything else just seems to fall into place! Try these DIYs using wonderfully uplifting essential oils to put a pep in your step and enjoy the sunny side of life!

1. Caribbean Sun Lotion

With amazing, mood lifting essential oils like Vanilla Oleoresin, Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Mandarin, this exotic lotion will take your mind straight to your own personal happy place.

2. Heart Song Diffuser Blend

The perfect diffuser blend if you’re looking for something that’ll brighten your day and lift your mood.

3. Honeybell Lotion

You won’t be able to stop smelling this lotion infused with our very popular, very vibrant Honeybell blend!

4. Uplifting Body Wash

For a great morning boost, or if you just want to dissolve some tension from a long day, this body wash with Mandarin Essential Oil is sure to put your mind in a happy place!

Self Care Tip #2: YOU time is the BEST time!

Stress takes a heavy toll on all aspects of our life. No matter where your day takes you, it always feels great to slow down, relax, and focus on YOU – even if it’s only for a few well-earned moments!

5. Calm the Mom Inhaler

Brought to you by the awesome real-life mom and customer Jadey Wadeybug in our Safe Essential Oils Facebook group, this blend is just what every way-too-busy mom needs to relax!

6. Relax Bubbling Bath Salts

Sit back in the tub and soak up the bubbles with the soothing essential oils in our Relax blend.

7. Oommm Bath Blend

Made by our amazing customer Amy Fields, you’ll love this ultra relaxing and luxurious bath blend that will have you feeling peaceful and compassionate!

8. Mellow Mind Diffuser Blend

Try this wonderful, grounding diffuser blend that supports a sense of peace, and helps to calm the mind.

Self Care Tip #3: Stay healthy inside and out!

Getting a good night of sleep, keeping your immune system strong, and healing your body when it’s less than tip-top shape keeps your mind and body health. With these DIYs, you’ll feel great in no time – making them perfect ways to enhance your self care!

9. Counting Sheep Cream

Never underestimate how a good night’s sleep can make the next day amazing!

10. Rapid Muscle Joint Relief Salve

Whether it’s an achy, overworked muscle, or joints feeling sore from inflammation, we all get aches and pains sometimes – you are going to love this quick and easy DIY that will help you manage your perception of pain.

11. On The Mend Roller Blend

Stumbled and tumbles can cause unsightly bumps and bruises – use this roller blend to help heal the affected area and feel better!

12. Immune Boosting Bath Bombs

Don’t let a case of the ickies get you down! Boost your immune system and take a relaxing bath at the same time!

13. Post Workout Master Blend

Perfect if you need a little help bouncing back after pushing yourself to the max!

14. Lip Sore Treatment

Sometimes, painful and unsightly sores can make their mark on our lips. Use this all natural treatment to soothe and heal!

15. Flawless Feet

Don’t let your feet or toenails get funky! This topical blend is great for getting your feet looking their best!

Gettin’ Gorgeous

Here are some very skin nourishing DIYs that will absolutely elevate your self care routine AND help you achieve a gorgeous glow!

16. Slimming Gel

The essential oils used in this all-natural gel are known to increase circulation, diminish the appearance of unwanted skin ripples, and firm and tighten your skin. And who doesn’t want that?

17. Cuticle balm

Keep your nails and cuticles strong and beautiful with this nourishing balm!

18. Caffeine Eye Serum

Say bye-bye to those under eyes with this serum that will help you fake that well-rested glow when you just can’t seem to get enough beauty sleep!

19. Dry Skin Oatmeal Mask

Skip the spa and keep your bank account intact with this wonderful DIY face mask! Use it once a week and say goodbye to dry skin.

20. Skin Toner

If you are still hanging on to our summer blend Sangria Splash, you’ll love this wonderfully refreshing facial toner that will make a perfect addition to your skin care routine!

We hope you’ve found some new ways to really elevate your self care routine!