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DIY Fresh-Squeezed Margarita Essential Oil Blend


DIY Fresh-Squeezed Margarita Essential Oil Blend

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Plant Therapy!

DIY Fresh Squeezed Margarita Essential Oil Synergy

This juicy, fresh and fruity citrus synergy strikes all the same notes of its festive, handcrafted namesake. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatic inhalation any time (without the downsides of the drink).

This synergy is calming to the emotions, easing to nervous tension, uplifting to the spirit, soothing to the mind, and all-around support to your sense of happiness, just like a real margarita!

This mini-master blend that can be scaled up or down depending on how you plan to use it. Add this to your diffuser, or use for passive diffusion with candle melts, reed diffusers, etc., added according to your recipe. And, if you want to take this synergy with you on-the-go, just add to a personal aromatherapy inhaler by tripling the recipe. If you choose to use topically, please refer to the cautions listed below.

KidSafe: No, this recipe is not KidSafe.

Cautions: Follow recommended diffusion times. For topical application, Cold Pressed Lime essential oil is phototoxic. To avoid this, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.7% for topical applications. For topical use, you may substitute Lime Steam Distilled, which is not phototoxic.