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International Men's Day: Holiday Gifts for the Men in Your Life


International Men's Day: Holiday Gifts for the Men in Your Life

It’s International Men’s Day! We’re so thankful for all the good that our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and friends bring to our lives. And if you’re thinking about the men in your life, you’re probably also thinking about what you’re going to get them for Christmas. And since a bottle of Rose Absolute might not be on his list (or it could be, no judgment here!), we’ve put together some fantastic gift ideas and DIYs that he’s sure to love.

The Bearded Bros

Plant Therapy Relaxation Gifts

Anyone that sports a beard knows just how important it is to take excellent care of it. Our Beard Balms use natural ingredients to condition the beard, leaving it healthy and soft without feeling greasy, heavy or gross. It also helps prevent dry, itchy skin and puts even the craziest stray hairs in their place. Our Beard Balms are available in two amazing scents: Clean Citrus and Wood Spice.

The Handy Man

Muscle Aloe Jelly

If the man in your life likes to work with their hands, whether it’s cars or carpentry, for work or for fun, chances are their hands need a little extra TLC. Our Healing Balm is great for helping with calluses, scrapes, rough patches and irritation. This wonderful balm moisturizes, relieves dry and irritated skin, and leaves skin feeling silky soft.

If their demanding job or fun hobby is taking a toll on more than just their hands, then don’t forget about our Muscle Aloe Jelly! This customer-favorite is a combination of soothing and relaxing essential oils mixed perfectly with hydrating Aloe Jelly.

Your Special Someone

A couple snuggling in front of the fireplace.

If you want to give your special guy some extra pampering this holiday season, there are some incredible ways to do that! A romantic place to start is with our Marvelous Massage Carrier Oil Blend. You can use it by itself for an incredible massage experience or you can add some essential oils to enhance it further. Blends like Wood Spice and Sensual can help set the mood while keeping the aroma more masculine. If you prefer to make your own blends, there are a number of woodsy, spicy and earthy singles he’s sure to love.

For a Personal Touch

Woman making a Christmas wreath by hand

If you like to get crafty during the holidays, we’ve got a number of easy and giftable DIYs for the men in your life.

Be sure to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group for more fun DIYs you can make for your man.