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How it Works

Earn Points - Redeem for Discounts

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Join the rewards program and start earning.

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Earn Points

Earn points every time you shop!

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Redeem Points

Redeem points at checkout for exclusive discounts.

100 PT Points = $5 USD

Ways to Earn Points

Questions? Check out the FAQs!

Reward Tiers

Besties Earn Even More!

Points per dollar spent
Access to earn all the ways listed above
Special products and offers available
15 Point Birthday Bonus  
Early access to product launches  
Access to exclusive limited edition products  
Points for Reading Our Content 10 15
Points for Leaving a Review 15 22

Redeem for Discounts

Redeeming your earned points is easy! Simply apply your points balance to checkout!

100 Rewards Points = $5 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the tiers work?
Tier levels are earned/maintained on a rolling year basis. For example, if you level up to Oily Bestie in July 2019, you have to earn a total of 1,000 points by July 2020 to maintain that tier. If you earn 1,000 points anytime within that year, it will extend your Oily Bestie status another year.
When does my year start to qualify for the Oily Bestie tier?
Everyone that was imported in from the previous program has 1 year from when the new loyalty program launched on June 26, 2019. If you are new to the program, your tier status year starts the day you create an account.
Do my rewards points expire?
Yes, your points expire if you have six months of inactivity in your Rewards account. That means if you don’t make a purchase, write a review or answer a blog post question for six months – you lose your points.
Do I need to re-enter my birthdate if I already have in the past?
Yes, birthdates were not transferred over and you will need to re-enter it to receive your points and birthday bonus.
Do I need to spend $1000 to be an Oily Bestie?
Bestie status is based on total points earned over the year – so even if you use some of your points and don’t have quite 1,000 in your bank, you still get to be our Bestie. It’s based on points earned total, so spend them whenever you want.

Here’s an example:
Say you earn 500 points, and you’re itching to use your $25 reward, but you’re scared you won’t make Oily Bestie status if you use it.
How long does it take for my points to show up in my account?
In most cases, earned points should display in your account within a few minutes of earning them. However, in rare instances it may take up to 48 hours for your point balance to adjust. If after 48 hours earned points are still not displaying in your account, please contact our customer satisfaction team at [email protected].
How do I use my points?
Points can be applied to purchases within the shopping cart in increments of $5 up to a maximum of $50 per order.
Can I redeem all of my points at once?
You can use up to $50 in rewards in a single transaction.

That means you could redeem that $50 and walk away with a bottle of Organic Australian Sandalwood ($49.95) for zero dollars after redeeming your 1,000 points.
Is there a minimum order total required to redeem my points?
Yes, the minimum order total must be $5 or more.
How do I get my discount if I apply my points, but exit the shopping cart before checking out?
You can find the actual coupon codes for all of your redeemed rewards in the rewards history section in your Rewards Dashboard.
Can I use my points during sales and promotions?
Yes! Points may be redeemed in the shopping cart and can be combined with other coupons, sales, and promotions.
Are there any exclusions or items I cannot use my points towards?
Yes, points may not be redeemed and used towards the purchase of Plant Therapy Gift Cards or Gift Certificates.
Do I earn points on my whole order total?
No, points are earned after any discounts or coupons are applied and points are NOT earned on any taxes or shipping charges. Additionally, while you can earn points from purchasing a Plant Therapy gift card, you can not earn points while redeeming a Plant Therapy gift card. 
How often can I earn points for “Read Our Blog”?
10 points can be earned once every two weeks for answering the “Read Our Blog” question correctly. Not to worry though, your Rewards dashboard will provide you a countdown to when you are eligible to take this action again for points!
How often can I earn points for Product Reviews?
15 points can be earned once every week for submitting a review. The reviews must be a legitimate review of the product and approved by the Plant Therapy Team. Not to worry though, your Rewards dashboard will provide you a countdown to when you are eligible to take this action again for points!
How do I check my points balance and rewards history?
Your points balance, current status, and rewards history are all at the top of your Rewards Account page.
What happens to my points when I make a return?
Upon the return of an item, the points earned on the purchase will be deducted from your Rewards Account. If points were applied towards the purchase cost, those points will be added back to the Rewards Balance.
I completed an action (like “Share Us on Facebook”), but my points aren’t showing up. Why?
You must like / share / follow us via the link on the Rewards page for points to automatically register in your account. Additionally, please note that in rare instances it may take up to 24 hours for your point balance to adjust. If after that time things still don’t look right, please contact our customer satisfaction team at [email protected].
Do I have to have 1,000 points total in my account to make Bestie Status?
You do NOT have to have 1,000 points total in your account to make Bestie status, you only have to earn 1,000 points over the course of a 12 month year, starting from when you sign up. You do not have to keep 1,000 points in your account, you can spend them and still keep your Bestie Status!

So if you sign up in January, then January – March you earn 500 points, then you cash out for $25 reward in April, those 500 points will still count towards your Bestie status for the year, and you’ll still have April-December to earn the remaining 500 points for Bestie.

As of June 26th, everyone currently enrolled has until June 2020 to earn Bestie status.

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