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Relax Blend Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Relax Blend Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

plant therapy relax blend synergy essential oilsRelax (and Relax Organic) Essential Oil Blend

Therapeutic benefits

  • Promotes a peaceful state of mind.
  • Creates a relaxing environment.
  • Great for emotional support.



Yes! This IS a KidSafe oil.


Dilution instructions:

For topical use, we recommend a dilution of 3-5%. For children ages 2 through 10, dilute to 1-2%. When diluted, apply to your arms, wrists, or temples.


Diffusion instructions:

Excellent for diffusing in the evenings when you are winding down from the day.


Quick Relax Cotton

At night, place one or two drops on a cotton pad near your bed pillow. A very quick and easy way to enjoy this blend before sleeping!

Plant Therapy Bubbling Bath Salts

Bubbling Bath Salts

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Pour Epsom salt into a medium bowl and set aside. In a separate dish, add unscented bubble bath, and Relax. Stir well; the mixture will turn opaque and thicken slightly as your stir. Add this mixture to the Epsom salt and stir well. Package in an airtight container.

To use:

Run about ¼ cup under warm water as you fill the tub. This is the perfect way to send yourself or your child to bed all calm and snuggly!

Try our Relax blend today!