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Smooth & Shine Hair Serum DIY


Smooth & Shine Hair Serum DIY

As amazing as the summer sun is, it’s not always the kindest to our hair. The sun, time in the pool, and a little humid heat can turn your locks into a dry, frizzy mess. Luckily, you can tame that mane and nourish your hair with this Smooth & Shine Hair Serum. It starts with the incredibly moisturizing and nourishing Argan Carrier Oil. Argan is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which helps soften your hair and restore shine. Jojoba, the other half of this serum, also helps hydrate your hair without weighing it down. The nourishing goodness doesn’t stop there. The combination of Sandalwood (which is fantastic for moisturizing dry hair), Copaiba, and Rose adds extra nourishment while smelling fresh and floral.

There are a couple of different ways to use this serum. Add a few drops to your palm, rub your hands together and work the serum through the lowest 2/3 of your hair when it’s wet or dry. And then style your hair as usual. You can also use it as an overnight hair mask when you know you’re going to shampoo the next morning. Add a generous amount to your palm and work through your hair until it’s thoroughly coated (but not so much that you’ll stain your pillowcase). Then put your hair up in a bun or braid, let sit overnight and wash out the next morning. Enjoy beautifully smooth and soft summer hair!

Smooth & Shine Hair Serum DIY Instructions

Smooth & Shine Hair Serum

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Combine essential oils with the carrier oils. Add a few drops to your hand, rub your hands together, and work through the ends of your hair.