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Three More Six-Oils Sets You Need this Spring


Three More Six-Oils Sets You Need this Spring

People might tell you that you don’t need any more essential oils. Those people are wrong, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your (oily) life!

New six-oil set, here you come!

You know and I know that each season calls for its own oily re-stock on beloved products.

So excited you don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back with these three ready-made six-oil set ideas.

1. Spring/Summer skincare setWoman's hand rubbing lotion on other hand six-oil set

  • KidSafe Skin Soother Blend: A safe, natural, and effective way to help clear your child’s rough, red skin.
  • KidSafe Silky Soft Blend: Give your child’s skin that silky soft feeling. Silky Soft improves skin texture, reducing the appearance of roughness and redness.
  • Skin Restore Blend: Great for helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Soft Skin Blend: Specially chosen to help counteract dry skin and to prevent the look of fine lines while supporting and rejuvenating the look of mature skin
  • KidSafe Itch Away Blend: Help relieve the swelling, itching, redness, and discomfort associated with bug bites and minor skin irritations.
  • KidSafe Sheild Me Blend: Let your family enjoy the great outdoors with this natural, effective barrier, shielding the whole family from outdoor annoyances.

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2. All citrus, all the time set.

Orange Sweet essential oil plant therapy six-oil set

Love spring, but get a runny nose even thinking about all those flowers? Have no fear, citrus is here for you. You get all the benefits of a bright, cheerful spring scent with none of the bad allergy-related memories.

  • Sweet Orange: Useful and it smells great, Sweet Orange’s antiseptic properties make it a great addition to cleansers for use on cutting boards, countertops, bathrooms and any surface where you want a germ-free clean.
  • Blood Orange: Orange Blood, while in the same family as Orange Sweet, has a more intense citrus scent that adds a little something special.
  • Pink Grapefruit: In our opinion, there’s no better oil than the “sparkle” of Grapefruit Pink to lighten up brain fog and moodiness, and help brighten any day.
  • Lemon: Lemon is one of the most easily recognized essential oils because of its refreshing, energizing and uplifting scent with some serious zing.
  • Lime: Lime is uplifting and invigorating. When diffused, the sweet, clean citrus scent can clear your mind and encourage mental energy
  • Kumquat: Kumquat means “golden orange” in the English language and is very similar to Orange Sweet Essential Oil, but with a much richer orange scent.

Try making these fruity fresh DIYs with your new citrus set:

3. Hello, spring cleaning set (#tidyingup)!

Using oils to clean the house six-oil setIf you’ve already binge-watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix, but still need even more organizing joy in your life, try this do-it-yourself spring cleaning six-oil set:

  • Lemongrass: Perfect for adding to all your DIY homemade cleaners, this oil is a powerhouse for helping cut through grease and keep germs at bay. Lemongrass is also known to be a helpful addition to outdoor sprays, and can help zap odors when diffused.
  • KidSafe Germ Destroyer: Germ Destroyer helps protect your children from seasonal threats (like those pesky cold and flu bugs) and helps everyone stay healthy while being totally safe for kids to use.
  • Germ Fighter: Whether it’s keeping your hands clean, or warding off seasonal threats going around the office or school by keeping your body’s immune system on the attack, Germ Fighter gives you that extra protection you need. Plus, it smells great!
  • Tea Tree: Scent and germ-busting favorite, Tea Tree makes a wonderful addition to all-natural home-cleaning sprays, especially in steamy, musty areas (like your bathroom).
  • Deodorizing Blend: This blend helps take out pretty much any odor, from anything. Try making a DIY odor-busting spray and spritzing on anything with a funky scent.
  • Sweet Orange: With a fantastic smell, this oil contains a naturally occurring solvent called limonene that is great for cutting through grease and grime. Its antiseptic properties make it a potent cleanser for use on cutting boards, countertops, bathrooms and any surface where you want a germ-free clean.

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