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July Essential Oil of the Month: Sea Fennel


July Essential Oil of the Month: Sea Fennel

Sea Fennel Essential OilIn keeping with the spirit of summer, our July offering for Oil of the Month comes to you from the sunny coastline of Greece! Meet Sea Fennel Crithmum maritimum (also known as Rock Samphire or Rock Fennel).

The Sea Fennel plant has a history of medicinal use, as far back as Greek mythology. Today, it is finding new favor for its remarkable restorative benefits!

Sea Fennel Essential Oil

As a coastal plant, some say Sea Fennel carries the briny scent of the sea, while others smell the aroma as a fresh, lemony carrot. As we talk more about Sea Fennel, you’ll ‘sea’ why this makes sense!

Sea Fennel blends nicely into synergies, as an essential ingredient, so you can experience it in a way that you like best.

Sea Fennel Essential Oil


Sea Fennel grows wild on the southern and western coasts of Britain and Ireland and on the Mediterranean and western coasts of Europe, including the Canary Islands, North Africa and as far as the Black Sea.

This tenacious short shrub has yellow blooms that thrives during summer in salty, brightly sunny climates. Foragers find it clinging to cliffs and outcroppings, even coming up through the crevices of the rocks.

Given its growing environment, the sea fennel plant is rich in sea minerals and Vitamin C. For centuries, sailors brought aboard ship the preserved fleshy leaves of Sea Fennel to stave off scurvy. And historically, healers also sought the plant to help with upset stomach and digestive issues.

Additionally, in the region where Sea Fennel grows naturally, chefs consider the plant a culinary delight. Various parts of the plant add a salty, spicy flavor, as well as tastes of parsley, carrot, celery and fennel (which come from the same family). Cooking with the sea fennel plant brings out the flavor in salads and side dishes, and complements seafood.

Sea Fennel Essential Oil

Sea Fennel essential oil comes from the distilled leaves of the Sea Fennel plant. It is comprised almost primarily of a complex mix of many constituents from the monoterpene category. And Sea Fennel is currently finding favor for its natural benefits in high-end skin care products.


Sea Fennel Essential OilSea Fennel Essential Oil has wonderful skin renewing and regenerative properties. It’s wonderful for aging skin, helping to improve tone and radiance. This amazing oil can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The benefits of Sea Fennel go beyond making your skin look great. Sea Fennel helps soothe digestive issues. And, we can use this essential oil for help when dealing with seasonal allergy symptoms, and respiratory issues.

Learn more about Sea Fennel below:

Sea Fennel Essential Oil


While Sea Fennel is great for skin care (see ‘suggested usage’ in the product detail sheet above), this gift from the sea can also give us amazing aromatic support when seeking a sense of restoration to our wellbeing, especially in synergies with other enhancing essential oils.

Throughout history, people have traveled the European coast for the purpose of bathing in certain bodies of water. These places were believed by physicians to have therapeutic powers due to the mineral-rich sea environment. These ‘spa’ experiences were often prescribed as treatments to a host of physical ailments.

Today, we can make our own spa products at home! Get inspired by sea spa vacations; Reach for Sea Fennel to create your own remedies to help restore yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

First, some general information about Sea Fennel Essential Oil:

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: None Know.

When working with synergies, please note any additional cautions for the other essential oils included.

Shelf Life: 1-2 Years

The synergies below are crafted as mini-master blends so you can sample and see if they suit your tastes and needs. They can be easily scaled up as needed into larger stock blends.

You can add 5 drops per 100 mL of water to your diffuser, 15 drops to your personal aromatherapy inhaler, or use topically with proper dilution.

Sea Breeze SynergySea Fennel Essential Oil

With a scent reminiscent of a seaside breeze, you can reach for this synergy to help rejuvenate you when life knocks you down. Inhaled, it can help strengthen you when you’re facing fatigue, especially from nervous tension.

Sea Fennel Essential Oil

This Sea Breeze synergy may also help ease symptoms associated with allergies, and digestive issues! It’s emotionally uplifting, calming to the mind and soothing to the spirit. Applied topically, Sea Fennel can help to relax a tired body and relieve muscle discomfort and tightness from overexertion, nervous tension, or just feeling under the weather.

KidSafe®: No

Cautions: There are possible drug interactions for Blue Yarrow. With Spearmint, we recommend a maximum dilution of 1.7% for topical applications to avoid possible adverse skin reactions. Our Bergamot is Bergapten free, which is safe for use in the sun.

Sea Ease SynergySea Fennel Essential Oil

This sweet, spicy synergy, with a hint of the sea, can help restore your body and mind. It can provide help during times of seasonal allergies, and help revitalize your sense of wellbeing while you recover. Culled from culinary herbs and spices, is especially helpful for digestive issues.

Sea Fennel Essential Oil

Both calming and balancing, this Sea Ease synergy helps with feelings of mental fatigue, muscle tension, and emotional exhaustion. If you apply this synergy topically, it can also help with symptoms of sore muscles, muscle tiredness, and overall help soothe your tired body.

KidSafe®: Yes

Cautions: None Known.


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