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Luxurious Skin Essential Oil Infused Nourishing Hand Soap


Luxurious Skin Essential Oil Infused Nourishing Hand Soap
Plant Therapy's Holiday Giveaway
Plant Therapy’s Holiday Giveaway
“Luxurious Skin Nourishing Hand Soap”

By: Diane Mishler, Certified Aromatherapist

KidSafe: No

I like this recipe because not only is it fairly quick and simple to make but useful 🙂 This recipe takes advantage of skin-nourishing essential oils that will keep your hands moisturized. These oils are kind and calming and make a lovely, fruity blend. Everyone uses hand soap and what friend wouldn’t want to receive one of these! I would put this blend in a pretty pump bottle and wrap it in cellophane with eye-catching ribbon to make it special. Or put it in a Christmas stocking or a dainty lacey bag with a drawstring. Put a personalized card on it and it’s ready to go!

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:
  1. Mix ingredients well and put in bottle. This recipe is for a small amount, but you can double it or more and put in a larger bottle with a pump.
2 lucky winners will receive all the essential oils to make the master blend.

Includes 5 mL bottles of Helichrysum Italicum, Geranium Egyptian, Chamomile Roman; and a 10 mL bottle of Ylang Ylang Complete.

Plant Therapy’s Favorite Recipes and Giveaway #4

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