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Warm and Spicy Seasonal Support Diffuser Blend


Warm and Spicy Seasonal Support Diffuser Blend

The holiday season is a wonderful time, but it can also bring with it seasonal stress as we go, go, go through a marathon to-do list that can wear down our sense of vitality. So, I love a blend that evokes the holiday seasonal scents while supporting the mind, body, and spirit.

This welcoming and warming blend of holiday seasonal spices can help keep us on our feet and feeling our best when our stamina is being put to the test.

Diffusing this blend can help clear the air and support our immune and respiratory systems during times of seasonal illness. It is emotionally stimulating and uplifting when we are worn down. On a subtle energy level, it can help promote personal strength, while encouraging joy and optimism.

This is a strong and spicy blend that can fill the air and hang around. I recommend diffusing for only short periods of time. You can also diffuse prior to entering a room. Or, you can use passive diffusion. This blend is not Kidsafe.

Warm and Spicy Seasonal Support

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