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Introducing Plant Therapy's Newest KidSafe Blend: PoopEase!


Introducing Plant Therapy's Newest KidSafe Blend: PoopEase!

Constipation can be a common problem for kiddos, and Plant Therapy wants you to be prepared.

What can start as a little bit of difficulty on the toilet can easily turn into a more serious issue if you can’t get everything moving along smoothly in time.

Often dry stools are uncomfortable or even painful for our kiddos to pass, which can make afraid of the toilet! And avoiding the toilet just makes the entire situation worse. PoopEase can help get the potty process moving along, making for a much more pleasant bathroom experience for you and your child!

That’s where Plant Therapy’s PoopEase comes in! This blend was created with your little one’s pooping problems in mind. It helps promote relaxation and ease the anxiety that comes with having a “hard” time going #2.

Our new PoopEase Blend:

PoopEase: Plant Therapy natural essential oil blend to help easy bowel discomfortIf you’re using our blend, dilute PoopEase to 2-4% in your favorite carrier oil and apply in a circular motion on your kiddo’s lower abdomen.

This blend is best when you apply it right before bedtime, to help with relaxing. Because constipation can take several days to clear up, try applying PoopEase 1-2 times a day for a few days to see noticeable effects for your little one.

Our PoopEase in an easy-to-use Roll-on:

Poopease plant therapy's new all-natural way to get going againThe pre-diluted roll-on is perfect for using when you have an on-the-go emergency poo. This new blend is diluted to 4% in Fractionated Coconut Oil. It’s ready to be applied straight from the tube!

To use this blend most effectively, apply PoopEase in a circular motion to the lower abdomen to help relax your kiddo, especially right before bedtime, to help get things going again.

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