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DIY Honeybell Solid Perfume


DIY Honeybell Solid Perfume

Honeybell brings you a fresh and fruity aroma, and a juicy, sparkling citrus bouquet with a bit of woody and herbaceous tones rounding it out. This blend comes out of the bottle with a delicious burst of berry!

Honeybell contains familiar favorite oils like Orange Sweet and Grapefruit Pink and Lime Steam Distilled. But we also wanted to add a little something extra special to make this synergy really pop, so we added Buchu, Cognac, and Galbanum essential oils to finish this blend, making it perfect for a gorgeous perfume!

Honeybell Solid Perfume

Melt beeswax over a double boiler. Stir in a carrier oil. Remove from heat. Stir in 20-25 drops of Honeybell. Pour into small tins or jars and cap tightly to cool.