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Happy 11th Birthday Plant Therapy!


Happy 11th Birthday Plant Therapy!

Another trip around the sun! Plant Therapy is celebrating its 11th Birthday this month. Hip Hip Hooray!

Birthdays and anniversaries mark significant events in our lives. They can be a time to reflect on life, relationships, careers, goals, and more. As we take the time to reflect, there is pride in how far we have come and excitement about what the future holds. From the very beginning, Plant Therapy’s focus has been to bring our customers high-quality natural living solutions at an affordable price. We set out to do just that and have since become one of the most trusted essential oil companies on the market. Over the past 11 years, our focus has not changed – Plant Therapy is a “People First” company – and YOU are our people!

Because “We care. Period.” here are some things you can count on from Plant Therapy:

High Standards for Quality with Third Party Testing

Education and Safety

100% Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to Sustainability

Giving Back

At the heart of everything we do – Plant Therapy is dedicated to bringing you the very best. It is our hope that you can feel our passion and desire to provide this for you. We are proud to be celebrating 11 years with you by our side!

Birthday Trivia and Giveaways!

In honor of this milestone, we will be throwing in a few surprise giveaways this week on our social media platforms. Be sure to follow us and keep an eye out for our PT Birthday Trivia Questions. As our loyal blog readers, you’ll have an advantage since we are spilling the tea here first!

Q: What year did Plant Therapy first open its online doors?

A: 2011

Q: In 2013, Plant Therapy worked with one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy to help develop our KidSafe line of oils. What is this safety expert’s name?

A: Robert Tisserand

Q: What is the name of our highly engaged Facebook group dedicated to all things essential oils?

A: SEOR – Safe Essential Oil Recipes – join our group!

Q: When did Plant Therapy become a USDA Certified Organic facility?

A: May 10, 2015 – Read more here:

Q: What is the name of Plant Therapy’s giving back initiative?

A: Planting Kindness

Q: As a Rewards Member, you will receive a coupon on your own birthday for a free oil with a $5 purchase. What is the current exclusive birthday oil that Reward Members receive?

A: Tiramisu

Q: What are our executives’ favorite Plant Therapy Products?

Paul: Unscented Hand Cream

Joanne: Muscle Aloe Jelly

Retha: Rose Facial Serum

Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend

Oh, and one more thing! No birthday would be complete without a celebratory dessert, right?

Try out this Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend and celebrate with us!

Birthday Cake Diffuser Blend

Let us know what you think Plant Therapy can do to make this next year the best one yet in the comments below!