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Get Festival Ready Naturally With Essential Oils


Get Festival Ready Naturally With Essential Oils

It’s finally festival season, and we’re here for it! If you’re excited about sun-drenched fun, amazing music, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, well so are we! And we’ve got everything you need to pack so you can live your best (festival) life.

1. Soothe a sunburn naturally.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant TherapyPack a seriously skin-soothing Lavender scented Aloe Jelly to use if your tan turns into a sunburn without warning. Lavender Aloe Jelly is gentle and hydrating, can be used even on sensitive skin, and penetrates deeply to help soothe dry, irritated skin. Plus it smells amazing!

2. Get glowing after the sun goes down.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant TherapyGlowing, tanned skin is a must, especially after the sun goes down. If you’re going to cover yourself in glitter here’s a pro tip: Choose a 100% natural carrier oil and rub it in, then pour on the glitter. The glitter sticks to your skin, stays in place and your thirsty skin gets moisture too!

But which carrier oil should you choose? The answer depends on your unique skin type. Check it out:

We’ve got a great blog post all about all the different kinds of carrier oils and how each one benefits your skin.

Bonus tip: Mix in some essential oils with your carrier oils to smell great and keep your glitter in place.

3. Get some solid sleep in between events.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant TherapyPartying all night is basically the point of going, which means you need to hit the sack hard for your beauty sleep before heading to concerts again in the AM. Pack our Plant Therapy Sleep Tight set to make sure you have great sleep and smell amazing. Plus it already comes in a handy (and cute) travel zippered pouch!

There are tons of natural ways to help yourself catch some really good sleep during your downtime:

  • Avoid your phone right before bed to avoid sleep-disrupting blue light.

  • Try applying some diluted essential oils 30 minutes before bed.

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to create a routine.

  • Pop some ibuprofen and chug some water right before bed to avoid morning dehydration.

  • Spend a few minutes meditating before you fall asleep.

  • Make sure you have a comfy pillow and a warm blanket.

Check out these other blog posts to help you figure out which sleep-supporting essential oils to invest in:

4. Smell amazing even drenched in sweat.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant TherapyEven if you’re sweaty, you don’t have to be stinky. Whip yourself up a DIY rollerball or solid perfume to make sure you smell amazing and unique. Customize your scent to match your outfit and promote your best life vibes.

Here are just a few ideas:

We even have a handy guide to blending top, middle and base notes like a perfume pro!

Bonus tip: Be careful not to use phototoxic oils in your blend since you’ll be soaking in a ton of sun, and avoid any potential negative effects.

5. Stay cool with Hydrosols.

Get Festival ready the natural way with Plant Therapy

Keeping cool during a festival season can be almost impossible…for everyone else! Keep this hack in mind: Bring a cooling hydrosol (A “hydrosol” is actually a chemistry term meaning “water solution”) with you and spritz yourself down when you’re feeling overheated. You’ll get a blast of chill mist that not only smells great, feels great on hot, dry skin but also gives you all the benefits of the essential oils they came from.

Want one more reason to use a hydrosol for festival season? It does double duty as a facial toner! Rose, Helichrysum, Tea Tree, and Melissa Organic Hydrosols make wonderful facial toners. They are safe and gentle enough to use directly on the face. Just spray onto a cotton pad and wipe onto your face.

For even more info on why hydrosols are the best, check out these blog posts:

6. Have some healing handy at all times.

Plant Therapy balm squadYou never know what’s going to happen, or what kind of bumps and bruises will occur (especially during a show). Keep on-the-go natural healing at your fingertips with our Organic Healing Balm Squad in the perfect purse-sized package.

  • Getting sick or allergies keeping you from having a good time? Use Sniffle Stopper!

  • Sunburn or scapes and bruises from a wild night? Better Than Kisses has you covered.

  • And of course, keep skin soft and hydrated with our Original healing balm and Silky Soft

Check out all the ways to use your portable Balm Squad in this blog post!

Bonus tip: Need another reason to check out Hydrosols? Lavender, Rose, and Chamomile Organic Hydrosols are incredibly soothing to burned skin. If you’ve got a minor burn, just spritz on the affected skin to help soothe any redness and cool you down.

If you’re adding some natural essential oil goodness to your festival travel bags, don’t forget to check out how to travel with essential oils! Trust us, you do not want to get stuck at airport security and waste valuable festival time.