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Essential Oils for Self-Care and Relaxation


Essential Oils for Self-Care and Relaxation

Everyone can stand to boost their self-care and relaxation routine. During the new year, it’s common to re-evaluate your daily routines and plan how it can be improved.

Essential oils are the perfect way to help support an effective self-care and relaxation routine! Oils can help soothe nerves, help create feelings of calm, clarity, and relaxation.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage helps reduce feelings of anxiety and symptoms associated with depression. It lowers cortisol while increasing serotonin. Additionally, it increases mood stabilization and relaxes the mind and body.

DIY Calm the Mom Personal Inhaler Blend:

calm the mom inhaler blend with clary sage essential oil for self-care and relaxation

What you’ll need:

10 drops Bergamot
4 drops Neroli
4 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Ho Wood

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What you’ll do:

Mix your master blend and let it sit for a few days to meld together fully. Put 15 drops onto a personal inhaler wick and enjoy!


plant therapy tangerine essential oilTangerine boasts high levels of limonene (monoterpene), which is known to stimulate and improve mood. Soothing, relaxing, and calming, it soothes inflammation and hyperactivity in bodily systems (including the nervous system).

This bright, refreshing, and rejuvenating scent can help clear the mind and reduce nervous tension or stress symptoms.

Check out even more in-depth information about Tangerine on our Tangerine Essential Oil spotlight blog post!

Candy Hearts Diffuser Blend

Therapeutic diffuser recipe using Copaiba Essential Oil self-care and relaxation

What you’ll need:

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Add essential oils to your aromatherapy diffuser to enjoy this sweet and uplifting KidSafe blend!


Patchouli has been used as a scent in Asia for centuries. When diffused, it can help alleviate nervous tension and worry. It is a soothing oil to diffuse, making it perfect for use during meditation, self-care and relaxation techniques.

Diffuse 1 drop of Patchouli with 1 drop of Basil Linalool to help focus your mind during meditation.

Explore Patchouli more in our Explore Your Essential Oils: Patchouli blog post.


Davana is great for emotional concerns. It soothes the nerves, restores emotional calm, and helps quiet the mind. Try out this blend that’s perfect for diffusing a little calm (and fun!) into your atmosphere.

DIY Fresh Squeezed Margarita Essential Oil Synergy

fresh-squeezed margarita blend self-care and relaxation

What you’ll need:

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This juicy, fresh and fruity DIY citrus blend strikes all the same notes of its festive, handcrafted namesake. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatic inhalation any time (without the downsides of the drink).

The Davana in this blend is calming to the emotions, easing to nervous tension, uplifting to the spirit, and soothing to the mind. It’s an all-around support to your sense of happiness, self-care, and relaxation.

For more information about Davana, check out our in-depth oil of the month post all about this amazing oil!

Calming the Child Blend (KidSafe)

calming the child essential oil for self-care and relaxation

Our Calming the Child essential oil blend is a combo of several oils: Mandarin, Tangerine, Lavender, and Chamomile Roman. It promotes a tranquil atmosphere by helping to slow revved-up minds and emotions.

Try diffusing a few drops of Calming the Child for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off. Or dilute Calming the Child to 1-3% using your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil and apply topically on your child’s chest or back of the neck.

We talk more about Calming the Child in our blog post about five natural ways to manage stress.

Meditation Blend

This essential oil blend combines Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Frankincense Serrata, Clary Sage, Orange Sweet, and Thyme to help promote a calm alertness and meditative state of mind. It’s a fantastic blend to help you upgrade your self-care and relaxation routine.

This blend can be used for diffusion, massage, body care products, or application to wrists or temples when diluted at 3-5% into a carrier oil.

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