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Essential Oils for Stomach Upset


Essential Oils for Stomach Upset
Plant Therapy Stress and Tummy Upset Blend
Going back to school after a summer break can be a mixed bag of emotions for many people.

Kids often dread the end of their fun, sunny days, but look forward to seeing their playground friends and meeting new ones. Adults may feel thrilled with the prospect of working towards their personal and professional goals with a degree, but also be wracked with terror at the demands their courses will put on their life.

With all these potential highs and lows, it’s no wonder when stomach discomfort begins to take its toll. Whether it’s to calm a nervous butterfly stomach, ease gas or bloating, or get your digestive system back on track, essential oils can provide some much needed relief.

Stomach upset can crop up at the most unexpected times and for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe the bacteria in our gut isn’t balanced, the food we ate isn’t sitting right, or our body responds to stress and nervousness by cramping, bloating, or getting that unpleasant “knot” deep in our stomach.

Since our brain and our gastrointestinal tract are directly linked, our psychological responses to everyday situations can quickly influence how our digestive system is functioning.

To help soothe a stomach in distress, try an essential oil known to calm spasms and reduce tension in the stomach. This can ease cramping and bloating by relieving gas in the intestines. To use, inhale, dilute in a carrier oil and apply to the abdomen, or add to a bath blend to help get your tummy troubles under control:

Or, try our expertly blended synergies made specifically to help upset stomachs in need of relief:

Stress and Tummy Upset Master Blend

Plant Therapy Stress and Tummy Upset Blend

What you’ll need:

To use, add 10 drops to a personal inhaler and inhale as needed or dilute to 2% for topical application.