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Allergies, Essential Oils and the Common Cold


Allergies, Essential Oils and the Common Cold

Seasonal illnesses are NO JOKE. When your child brings home a cold or has allergies (thanks back-to-school season!) it can get passed around and before you know it, the whole family is out of commission for weeks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What we do have is an oil for that. Essential oils are great for using to help with all those nasty symptoms associated with the common cold.

Essential oils perfect for seasonal allergies or the common cold:

Straight up, essential oils won’t cure your cold. Humans can splice genes and DNA test crime scenes, but as far as we know science still has no “cure” for the common cold.

What essential oils can do is help with all those symptoms associated with the common cold and seasonal allergies! Oils can help clear your lungs and help speed healing, making them a great natural choice for dealing with symptoms.

Here’s a short list of some of our favorite oils for dealing with symptoms associated with the common cold:

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

DIY some relief:

Sneezy Stop is perfect for little hands and noses, and it’s really easy to make DIY Sneezy Stop tissues for dealing with cold season.

Rosalina has about 42% of the chemical constituent Linalool. This constituent helps give your immune system a boost, minimize the perception of pain, and help suppress coughing.

Cypress has 50% Alpha-pinene which is helpful in warding off seasonal threats and shortening the length of an illness. It’s also helpful for relaxing the lungs and opening your airways. This offers optimal oxygen intake, allowing you to take nice, deep breaths.

We have a great essential oil vapor rub recipe using Rosalina and Cypress that’s perfect for applying on the chest to help with congestion symptoms!

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

Diffuse, diffuse, and diffuse some more:

Try using Clear Again or KidSafe Sneezy Stop in your diffuser (how cute is our Rose Gold AromaFuse?) 6-8 drops diffused for about 60 minutes will provide your entire household with not only a pleasant scent but also help with seasonal allergy symptoms.

Blue Tansy is awesome for helping with seasonal allergy complaints, and has the bonus of being KidSafe! We have a couple awesome recipes for diffusing Blue Tansy to get you started.

Try a personal inhaler:

A selection of essential oils, including German Chamomile, Fir Needle, Palmarosa, and Blue Tansy are perfect for using in personal inhalers. Personal inhalers are great little tools that you can keep in your pocket or purse and use on the go.

Personal inhaler blends last for 3-4 months once you’ve made them, so they’re a super-efficient way to use oils for a long time. After that, they only need to be refreshed with a few additional drops. Perfect for pollen season, or dealing with stubborn common cold symptoms! Check out some recipes here to get you started!

Respiratory Relief:

Palmarosa and Fir Needle are great for dealing with all things respiratory. Since it’s KidSafe, it’s a must-have for cold season. Here are just a few ways to use Palmarosa:

  • In a cough steam (click here) It’s great for coughs/colds
  • Use in your diffuser for a refreshing and anti-germ blend.
  • Create a personal inhaler.
  • Dilute to 2% in an unscented lotion

Chapped, dry skin:

Oh, and you know all that sneezing, coughing, and nose-blowing going to leave your skin raw and red. Pick up some of our Organic Healing Balm to help soothe and heal your cold-ravaged skin.

Also great for skin are Aloe Jellies, and Hydrosols, both of which are fantastic for helping to soothe red, irritated skin. Plant Therapy also has a couple blends just for skin:

Snag some specialized blends

Plant Therapy makes some really great blends just for dealing with those common cold symptoms:

For allergy symptoms:

For common cold symptoms:

For fighting off germs:

If you’re looking for even more awesome ways to DIY with your oils, friends who love oils as much as you do, or just have a question about how to use essential oils for allergy and cold symptom relief, be sure to join our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group!