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Behind the Scenes with Hello Spring


Behind the Scenes with Hello Spring

You know what time it is—Springtime! And we all know what happens in Springtime. No, it’s not Easter, it’s not Spring Break, it’s…

Say it with me: Plant Therapy SPRING BLENDS!

That’s right; it’s that time of year again! Time for us to bring to you some of the most springy-fresh scents on the planet.

Plant Therapy Hello Spring Spring Blends

Our Hello Spring Set includes three gorgeous essential oil blends that are sure to evoke all of the best parts of the season. And to make it even more special this year, we’ve given our spring set a complete makeover. Now you can enjoy these unique spring aromas in designs that are as beautiful as the aromas themselves.

But have you ever wondered how exactly these blends come together? Where does the inspiration come from?

How do we decide how to “bottle” spring?

Flowers in the sunshineWell, making sure everything is just right for our customers is always a top priority that involves tons of amazing, hard-working people.

Our own Emilee Hughes, Certified Aromatherapist and member of Plant Therapy’s Product Development Team, says that the inspiration for these blends comes from the sights, sounds, and smells of spring itself.

“If you look at Morning Sunshine, we really just wanted our customers to have that feeling of the first morning of spring, where you start feeling warm from the inside out and you smell those beautiful blossoms,” she gushed.

Then it’s on to the Design and Graphics Department, who have the difficult task of taking that aroma and translating it into beautiful imagery.

One of our talented graphic designers, Jayme Montoya, says she is so happy with the outcome of the final pieces and hopes that customers are just as excited.

“We’re seeing a trend in design right now of using a lot of texture,” said Jayme, “so I really wanted to play off of that…and use watercolor to give it a nice, light, airy, and organic feel.”

Plant Therapy Spring blendsThis three-set of springy essential oil blends includes two customer favorites plus one brand-new blend. It conveys all the different moods and scents of spring!

Fresh Meadow

Our new Fresh Meadow Blend aims to capture the essence of this beautiful time of the year.

This amazing blend of Orange Essence, Amyris, Bergamot, Ginger Root Steam Distilled, and Jasmine Absolute creates a scent that’s as complex and cheerful as spring itself. The citrusy and sweet scent, with its touch of spiciness, helps calm your senses and promotes uplifting feelings of joy. Enjoy the way Fresh Meadow can put a spring in your step and encourage positivity!

Island Sunset

Island Sunset has a sweet, tropical, woodsy aroma that can elicit an island feel wherever you are.

This blend was created with oils that will help you escape to a calming atmosphere no matter what climate you live in. Cedarwood Himalayan and Copaiba Oleoresin offer a calming and revitalizing woodsy aroma. Orange Blood and Peru Balsam bring a tropical sweetness that uplifts the senses. Even if you’re not enjoying a tropical island vacation right now, Island Sunset can transport you there with the relaxing smells of the tropics, helping you feel at ease.

Morning Sunshine

Everyone wants to start their mornings off right and Morning Sunshine can help with that! It’s great for easing the mind by helping reduce worry, alleviate tension, and promote focus.

Morning Sunshine has a sweet, citrusy aroma that is bright and uplifting—like a ray of sunshine to start your day! The oils used to create this blend are wonderful for boosting your mood and keeping your spirits up. The brightening Grapefruit Pink helps to lift mental fatigue while Lemon Steam Distilled promotes cheerfulness. Rhododendron soothes nervous tension and Lavender Fine has a calming effect. Altogether these oils work together for a pleasant morning wake-up call.

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Essential oil bottles next to chamomile and lavender flowersWe hope you love the new look and feel of our Hello Spring Set as much as we do! Make sure to head over to our Facebook Safe Essential Oil Recipes group for more oily fun.