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Ask Our Experts: Back to School With Essential Oils


Ask Our Experts: Back to School With Essential Oils

Welcome to our series for Plant Therapy blog: Ask our Plant Therapy Experts! Where you ask and we answer your most burning oily questions.

Wondering who your official Plant Therapy Aromatherapists are? You can get the full introduction to our whole team on our Meet Our Aromatherapists page! Because Plant Therapy is dedicated to being transparent with our customers, we knew we wanted to introduce you to the team behind answering your essential oil questions.

This month, we’re tackling your back-to-school questions!

Back to School Anxiety

Jayme Bradley said:

“What could I send in a roller for my son for anxiety and stress. He usually does fine with school but his father left over the summer and only sees them once a week and he is having a bit of a hard time.”

By Tyler Hagan, Certified Aromatherapist and SEOR Admin

Thank you so much for your question, Jayme! Back to school season is a time of excitement, but it’s also a big source of stress and anxiety for our children. This stress and anxiety is a lot for our children to handle, especially when you throw in life’s other problems. During these tough times, it’s important to remember that this is a lot for him and it is important to just be present for him whenever he needs it. It’s a tough thing to go through as an adult and it’s a thousand times harder on our children. Just remember to be patient, encourage open communication and honesty, and just be as consistent with everything as possible.

Luckily, we do have some products that may help during these troubling times. Calming the Child and Happy Place are two of our KidSafe blends that are great for both parents and children. Happy Place is one of my favorite blends to pair with our quiet meditation practice at home.

Both blends can also be used in a personal inhaler that can be paired with deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation, acceptance, and inner peace. If blending is more your thing, some essential oils to consider are Rose Absolute, Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Australian Sandalwood.

How Often Can You Use Get ‘Em Gone?

ask our expertsKate McRee asks:

How often can Get ‘Em Gone be used to prevent the head critters?”

Kristin Lail, Certified Aromatherapist

This is a great question, Kate! You could use Get ‘Em Gone at a low, 1% dilution as a spray for the hair on a daily basis for a few months before you need to take a break, especially if you’re applying just to the hair and taking care not to apply to the scalp. If adding in a wash-off product such as shampoo and if using just a few times a week, there should be no concern with using the oil throughout the school year.

How to Use Defender

defender essential oil blendAnnie Patricia wants to know:

“I have a 3yo and a 4yo in school this year. What’s the best way to use Defender with them? Just diffusing at home? How often is it safe to use it with children that young?”

Kristin Lail, Certified Aromatherapist

Hi Annie! Diffusion is definitely your safest option for frequent use, especially for little ones! During the school year, I diffuse an oil such as Defender 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes to support a healthy immune system. You can apply the oil topically if desired but if you’re going to use long term, diffusion would be your safest option. Should you decide to use the oil topically, I would recommend a 1% dilution applied to the chest or spine once a day and then rotate out to another Kidsafe immune-supportive oil every few weeks to be extra safe.