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August Oil of the Month Reveal: Pink Carnation Absolute


August Oil of the Month Reveal: Pink Carnation Absolute

The bold, beautiful, and brightly colored blooms of carnations can be found embellishing flower gardens throughout the spring and summer. These familiar flowers seem to have an unending array of gorgeous summer colors that add a cheerful burst anywhere they are! Not surprisingly, they are thought to represent pure love, good luck, affection, and admiration. Carnations have been sought after for thousands of years, appearing first in ancient Greek literature where the lovely, delicate blooms were used to adorn ceremonial crowns. Today, they remain one of the world’s most popular cut flowers due to their sweet, clove-like scent, long-lasting blooms, and impressive color palette.

Bold, Complex Aroma

Pink Carnation Absolute has a curiously complex floral and earthy aroma. But upon first sniff, you’ll notice that it is not immediately reminiscent of the scent most of us associate with carnation flowers. The absolute is incredibly rich, with honeyed floral and warm green notes. Try it on a fragrance strip to help soften the intensity of aroma that can occur when smelling straight out of the bottle.

Most often used in the fine fragrance industry, Pink Carnation Absolute’s unique, heady aroma adds a layer of complexity and sophistication to fragrance blends. When blending, make sure to use this absolute sparingly – a little goes a long way!

Pink Carnation Absolute

While used most often to influence fragrance aromas, Pink Carnation Absolute is also thought to have some emotionally uplifting therapeutic effects. It may also support feelings of assertiveness, like when you need to speak your mind, stand up for what you believe in, or bolster your self-esteem.

Some Things to Know

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Give Pink Carnation Absolute a try in your blending and let us know if some magic happens! Remember, this absolute is very strong and a single drop might make all the difference.

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