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Allspice: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Allspice: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Latin name: Pimenta dioica

Aroma Description: Warm, sweet and spicy

Therapeutic benefits

  • Can help relieve the occasion digestive upset. Add one drop Allspice and two drops Ginger Root CO2 to a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil. Then massage onto your stomach in a clockwise fashion.
  • Helps ease muscle and joint pain. Combine with other warming oils like Clove and Peppermint and apply to affected areas.
  • Excellent for supporting the body’s natural immune system. Add a drop or two to your diffuser along with Cinnamon and Orange Sweet.
  • Often used as a grounding aroma in masculine scents and colognes.


No! Allspice is NOT KidSafe.

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Allspice: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Dilution instructions:

For topical application, we recommend a maximum dilution of 0.3%.

Diffusion instructions:

Combine with other oils like Cinnamon, Clove and Orange Sweet to create an immune-boosting aroma that is reminiscent of fall.

Oils to blend with:

Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Geranium Egyptian, Ginger Root CO2 , Laurel Leaf, Lavender Fine, Neroli, Orange Sweet, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Spearmint and Ylang Ylang Complete

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