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All About Honey Myrtle & Anise Myrtle


All About Honey Myrtle & Anise Myrtle

Fall in love with the botanical dynamite duo of Honey Myrtle and Anise Myrtle during the month of July! These exclusive oils are only available as part of our Oil of the Month Club, so make sure to get your hands on these before they are gone. With Honey Myrtle’s sweet notes of honeyed sunshine and Anise Myrtle’s licorice-like punch, these zesty oils are a treat for the senses!

Honey Myrtle

Native to Western Australia’s sandy soils and wetlands, Honey Myrtle is a delightfully vibrant essential oil that boasts a refreshingly sweet and lemony aroma with light honeyed notes. Rich in citral (which occurs naturally as a mixture of geranial and neral), Honey Myrtle displays impressive purifying and cleansing properties that can help keep your home atmosphere fresh and clean while enlivening it with a warm and welcoming aroma. It also makes a wonderful outdoor companion to help keep bugs at bay due to citral’s natural repellent activity. A close relative of Tea Tree with many similar therapeutic qualities, Honey Myrtle helps with troublesome skin, deodorizes musty areas, and supports a healthy respiratory system. The bright and invigorating aroma can also promote mental focus and lift the spirit in times of sadness and worry. Please note that while Honey Myrtle is not considered KidSafe, this is due to topical concerns; it is safe to diffuse around children over the age of 2.

Some Things To Know

Botanical Name: Melaleuca teretifolia

Country of Origin: Australia

Plant Part Used: Leaves & Branches

Primary Constituents:

  • Geranial 
  • Neral 
  • Myrcene

Aromatic Scent: Warm lemony aroma with soft honey-like notes

Directions: Aromatic - Diffuse using 3-4 drops per 100 mL of water. Topical - Dilute to a maximum of 0.7% in a carrier.

Cautions: Maximum dilution of 0.7% for topical applications. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if skin irritation/sensitivity occurs. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. External use only.

Shelf Life: 3-4 Years

KidSafe/Pregnancy Safe/Pup & Pony Safe: No (This is due to topical restrictions. Honey Myrtle is safe for diffusion!)

Nursing Safe: Yes

Anise Myrtle

Anise Myrtle Essential Oil comes from a rare Australian rainforest tree that became nearly extinct during World War II when farmers stripped the lush landscapes to support a shortage of aniseed flavoring. Today, thanks to reforestation projects and sustainable plantations, the world can once again enjoy this unique oil and all it has to offer! Anise Myrtle has a spicy-sweet licorice scent and revitalizing properties that support overall well-being. Its high anethole content contributes to its many therapeutic properties, including digestive, respiratory, and immune support, helping to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, and soothing concerns related to menopause. Emotionally, Anise Myrtle helps calm the mind and combat feelings of restlessness, sadness, and nervousness. Add a few drops in an aromatherapy inhaler to keep this amazing oil with you throughout the day to feel your best! 

Some Things To Know

Botanical Name: Syzygium anisatum

Country of Origin: Australia

Plant Part Used: Leaves & Branches

Primary Constituents:

  • (E)-Anethole 
  • Methylchavicol (Estragole) 
  • a-Phellandrene

Aromatic Scent: Sweet and spicy licorice scent

Directions: Aromatic - Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water. Topical -Dilute to a maximum of 1.75% in a carrier. 

Cautions: Maximum dilution of 1.75% for topical applications. Do not use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, endometriosis, and estrogen-sensitive cancers. Keep out of reach of children. If under a doctor's care, consult your physician. External use only.

Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

KidSafe/Pregnancy Safe/Nursing Safe/Pup & Pony Safe: No

Bug Away Diffuser Blend

What you'll need:

  • 10 drops Anise Myrtle
  • 10 drops Honey Myrtle
  • 10 drops Bourbon Geranium
  • 10 drops Peppermint
  • 10 drops Rosemary
  • 15 drops Virginian Cedarwood
  • 15 drops Lavender
  • 20 drops Sweet Marjoram

What you'll do:

Enjoy a Citronella-free bug repelling diffuser blend for the warmer months! This recipe makes an approximately 5 mL blend to use while enjoying the outdoors. Simply add 5-7 drops per 100 mL of water in your ultrasonic diffuser to help keep bugs at bay.