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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Healing Balm


6 Unexpected Ways to Use Healing Balm

The Swiss Army knife of all Plant Therapy products, Healing Balm has long been a customer favorite because of how incredibly versatile and easy to use it is. But even with such a loved and popular product, we knew we could do better. So our team went back to the drawing board to reevaluate each ingredient and process the balm goes through, from start to finish, to find ways to make our Healing Balm the absolute best it can be.

And now we are ready to introduce it to you!

Healing Balm includes all of the same ingredients you love but is now softer, more luxurious, and absent of any grainy texture. It’s still perfect for all skin types, all ages, and a ton of issues. Need a reminder? Let’s go over what Healing Balm can do for you and your family!

Help heal your dry, flaky skin.

Especially in winter, dry skin can be a real problem. Freezing weather, especially when coupled with biting wind, can wreak havoc on your skin. Let this Healing Balm be the trick up your sleeve to nourish and moisturize your skin when you need it most. Use it to help soothe and protect chapped skin that’s been out in the cold too long, suffering from wind-burn, or just seems to shrivel up with so much indoor heating.

Healing Balm Squad

Get soft, kissable lips.

Flaky, chapped lips are a bummer. They hurt, they’re unattractive, and you can’t even fix them up with lipstick before that starts to dry and crumble up too. So what can you do? Reach for that Healing Balm, of course! You can put it straight on your lips to help reduce the discomfort and provide the extreme moisture your lips are craving.

Soothe the sunburn.

When you first notice a sunburn, the best thing you can do is be proactive and start the healing process as soon as possible. Bring the Healing Balm with you to the pool, on a camping trip, during your afternoon hike—anywhere the sun is shining. Its nourishing properties help your skin recover faster so that you feel better. And don’t let this winter weather fool you; you can still get a painful sunburn so you might as well be prepared!

Use on your most sensitive areas.

One popular, though maybe unexpected, way to use our Healing Balm is to support mothers who are breastfeeding. Nursing can be a wonderful and intimate experience with your baby, but it can also lead to painfully swollen, chapped, or cracked nipples. Use Healing Balm after feeding (to allow for plenty of time for absorption) and help this sensitive area heal quicker to provide a more comfortable experience.

Perfect for babies, too!

And let’s not forget about that little bundle of joy! Dealing with diaper rash is a unifying experience for parents and we want nothing more than to help our baby with the discomfort they must be feeling. The red, raw, and irritated skin from a diaper rash should not be ignored. Use our Healing Balm on that sensitive area knowing with confidence that you are using a high-quality, natural product that is perfectly safe for your little one.

The healing balm is perfect for kid owies

Use on cuts, bruises, and scrapes to help speed healing.

Dry skin, minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes can all benefit from Healing Balm. Simply apply to the cleaned area of concern and let the gentle, soothing qualities of the balm take over. But be careful—once you try it, you might get hooked!

And so much more!

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