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Planting Kindness: The Clean Water Project


Planting Kindness: The Clean Water Project

In 2004, Plant Therapy embarked on a mission to solve a devastating issue, and that journey continues still today. Plant Therapy joined forces with the Africa Heartwood Project in an effort to help rural communities in West Africa who were in desperate need of clean water.

Planting Kindness Chris Liberia Water Project Clean Water Project

We all know that clean water is essential for all life. However, KEEPING the water flowing long after the well is installed is the real solution these locals need. Plant Therapy and the Africa Heartwood Project (AHP) agree that creating a sustainable water source would take more than just digging a well. In order to have lasting success and a future of clean water, it would take service after installation.

So, this project focuses on training villagers to be able to service and maintain the wells that we install. It’s more than just a well!

Why a well for the Clean Water Project?

Planting Kindness Chris Liberia Water Project Clean Water ProjectOur partnership and work in Africa are centered around building a “Community Development System.” This system is all about participatory community development, empowerment, and sustainability. It’s based on each community getting the training and education they need and then implementing these skills. They begin sharing concepts for self-reliance, economic cooperation, and proactive improvement for the common good of all members of each village.

This project educates the entire village on the need for community contribution and trains individuals to maintain their life-saving resource by repairing wells and providing important preventative maintenance.

Planting Kindness Chris Liberia Water Project Clean Water ProjectWe are very passionate about this project and have continued our work with AHP through service work and monetary donations since our first trip in 2004.

PT Owner, Chris Jones, just returned from Africa weeks ago and we wanted to share some of his moments with you. His time was spent with locals installing wells, training, and organizing community meetings. Of course, everyone was able to relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of their labor and good company a bit too!

We hope you enjoy some of the footage Chris brought home with him from this amazing mission. We are certain that it will infect you with our #PlantingKindness spirit and brighten your day.

For more information on how you can help AHP bring clean water to villages in need, visit their website.