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Invest in Your Health with Herbal Supplements


Invest in Your Health with Herbal Supplements

We’re thrilled to introduce a transformative new addition to your wellness journey: Plant Therapy’s debut collection of herbal supplements in capsule form! Each capsule is crafted to open new pathways to health, featuring highly potent extracts to integrate perfectly into your everyday routine. Let’s explore these nature-powered gems designed to elevate your vitality and well-being.

The Supplement Line-up

When developing these supplements, we had you in mind. Each one of our supplements is tailored to target a specific wellness concern or goal that our customers are working toward, serving as an investment in your long-term health. Just like our essential oils, we're committed to radical transparency. The test results will be featured on our website, showcasing exactly what makes our supplements so effective and proving our promise of 100% pure, clean ingredients. We ensure that only the cleanest extracts are used to retain maximum potency. Now, let’s dive into the unique benefits each option brings to the table:

  • Ashwagandha: Tackle stress with this powerful adaptogen known for promoting balance and a good night’s sleep.

  • Lion’s Mane: Boost your brain power and enhance cognitive functions like focus and memory.

  • Boswellia: Ease joint pain and support mobility with the soothing properties of boswellic acids.

  • Ginkgo Biloba: Sharpen your mental processes and improve circulation with this ancient tree extract.

  • Passion Flower: Achieve calm and combat daily stress with the tranquil essence of Passion Flower.

  • Ginger Root: Soothe digestive discomfort and enhance gastrointestinal health with the natural power of Ginger.

  • Beetroot: Enhance blood flow and stamina with Beetroot, perfect for active lifestyles.

  • Moringa: Known as the “Miracle Tree,” Moringa boosts overall wellness with its rich antioxidant profile.

  • Maca Root: Elevate energy and mood while supporting sexual health with the invigorating effects of Maca Root.

  • Holy Basil: Convert daily stress into serene strength with the adaptogenic benefits of Holy Basil.

    Supplement Capsules

    How to Choose the Right Supplement for Your Lifestyle

    Selecting the right supplement from our new range means considering your daily habits, health goals, and unique needs. Here's how to align our supplements with your lifestyle:

    • Active and Athletic: If you regularly engage in physical activities or sports, Beetroot enhances stamina and supports muscle recovery, while Maca Root boosts energy and endurance.

    • Busy Professionals: For those who face high mental demands or stressful work environments, Lion's Mane and Holy Basil enhance cognitive functions, manage stress, and maintain mental balance.

    • Aging Gracefully: Ginkgo Biloba and Boswellia are ideal for those focusing on cognitive health and joint mobility. They help maintain vitality and ease of movement as you age.

    • Health Seekers: Moringa, with its rich antioxidant profile, and Ginger Root, known for digestive and overall health benefits both support long-term wellness and vitality.

    • Seekers of Serenity: Passion Flower, Ashwagandha, and Holy Basil provide a natural way to unwind and promote restful sleep. They are perfect for calming a busy mind and easing into a peaceful state at the end of the day.

    You can take this quiz if you'd like even more help determining the right supplement for you: Supplement Quiz

      When Should I Expect to See Results?

      • Immediate Relief: Some supplements, like Ginger Root for digestive health, can offer benefits shortly after consumption.

      • Gradual Improvement: Cognitive and stress-related supplements like Lion's Mane and Holy Basil typically show noticeable benefits with regular use over several weeks.

      • Long-term Wellness: Supplements intended for overall health and vitality, like Moringa and Maca Root, yield the best results with continuous use as part of a balanced health regimen.

        We're passionate about making wellness accessible and uncomplicated. Join us on this exciting journey and experience nature's pure, potent benefits with Plant Therapy’s new supplements. These 10 supplements are just the beginning.  Keep your eyes peeled for even more to come!

        *Remember, supplements are most effective when complemented by a healthy diet and lifestyle. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider for tailored advice, especially when combining supplements with other treatments.