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Meet Our New Aroma Plush Pals


Meet Our New Aroma Plush Pals

What’s better than falling asleep with your favorite essential oil diffusing in the background? Your favorite essential oil wrapped in a soft and squishy stuffed animal! We’re introducing three brand-new Aroma Plush Pals that are perfect for kids, KidSafe blends, and cuddle time.

Young girl snuggling her aroma plush

Aroma Plush Pals

Say hello to Birch Bear, Flora Fox, and Briar Bunny! They have plush fur that makes them soft, squishy, and totally snuggable. But best of all – they’re essential oil ready!

What makes these Pals unique is the velcro pouch with a Safety Scent Cartridge™️ inside. The cartridge allows you to apply a few drops of Woodland Retreat KidSafe Essential Oil Blend (or another KidSafe blend) on a felt pad and secure it safely inside the toy.

When your little one snuggles up with their Aroma Plush Pal, they’ll be surrounded by the subtle calming and uplifting aroma of Woodland Retreat. Use this size Pal for nap time, playtime, and any other time you want to help your child relax with essential oils.

Aroma Plush Pal Clips

Aroma Plush Pal Clips

Birch Bear, Flora Fox, and Briar Bunny all have a coordinating Pal Clip! It easily attaches to your child’s favorite backpack or bag. When they have their Pal Clip nearby, they’ll be surrounded by the subtle calming and uplifting aroma of Woodland Retreat (or their other favorite KidSafe blend). Use the Pal Clips for road trips, back-to-school, and any other on-the-go activities.

All three Plush Pals are available in full-size and clip-size. Purchase the Pals individually, as a matching full-size/clip-size bundle, or in a bundle with all three full-size, or all three clip-size. Each Pal comes with a bottle of our new KidSafe Woodland Retreat Essential Oil.

Adding essential oils to your aroma plush

How to Use Your Aroma Plush Pal

Undo the velcro closure on the back of the plush toy and remove the plastic scent cartridge. Place 3-5 drops of KidSafe essential oils on the felt scent pad. (We LOVE Woodland Retreat Essential Oil Blend). Place the scent pad back into the scent cartridge. Re-insert the scent cartridge into your Pal and close the velcro.


Woodland Retreat

New KidSafe Woodland Retreat Blend

Woodland Retreat is the perfect essential oil blend to use with our Aroma Plush Pals. The Safety Scent Cartridge™ allows children to safely snuggle their favorite Aroma Plush Pal while inhaling the sweet, bright, woodsy scent of Woodland Retreat. This blend combines Cedarwood, Orange, Balsam Fir, Mandarin, and Chamomile for an uplifting aroma that helps promote a calm feeling for your little one when they snuggle with their favorite new pal.

Which Aroma Plush Pal is your child’s favorite? Tell us in the comments!