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Myrrh: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Myrrh: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


Latin name: Commiphora myrrha

Aroma Description: Dry, resinous, amber-wood scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Aids in creating a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere.
  • Can help relieve nervous tension and bring about feelings of strength when diffused.
  • Helps reduce redness and the appearance of wrinkles and scars when added to a carrier oil or lotion. Dilute Myrrh to 1% in for topical application.


Yes! Myrrh was recently added to our KidSafe list after closer evaluation. It remains unsafe for individuals who are pregnant or nursing.

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Myrrh: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Dilution instructions:

Dilute in your favorite carrier oil at 1% to help with mature skin issues. Consider using Dermisoothe or Younger Glo carrier oils.

Diffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your diffuser or personal inhaler to create a calm atmosphere during times of meditation.

Further Reading:

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense Serrata, Geranium Egyptian, Grapefruit Pink, Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Pine Scots, Spruce Hemlock, Sandalwood Australian and Turmeric CO2.

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