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What Does Maximum Dilution Mean?


What Does Maximum Dilution Mean?

There are a few ways to make the best of essential oil use. One of the ways is we often refer to maximum dilutions when applying essential oils topically. But, what exactly does this mean?

The Importance of Dilution

Essential oils should always be diluted when applied to the skin. Why you ask? To avoid potential issues with Sensitization.

Since we all know it’s important to dilute, let’s talk about some essential oils that have maximum dilutions. In other words, we don’t recommend using these particular oils in amounts higher than listed in their descriptions. This is for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons being that it could be a potential skin sensitizer, which is especially true when oxidized. Another reason is if it has properties to make it a “hot” essential oil, which causes redness, warming of the skin, or irritation. If you are using higher dilutions for a long time, it can cause issues with blood-thinning, which can be the case for Wintergreen.

To view a chart that guides you through the proper dilution of essential oils, click here. Regardless of where you purchase your essential oils, this is a useful chart to help you safely dilute essential oils to use in DIY projects, diffusion, and more!

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