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KidSafe Anniversary: New Sets & Forest Friends Diffuser


KidSafe Anniversary: New Sets & Forest Friends Diffuser

It’s our KidSafe anniversary! Back in 2014, our Plant Therapy team realized we could make a huge difference by creating essential oils that are without a single doubt, safe and effective for your children.

Our team began by creating a list of common kid’s concerns that we wanted our blends to address, like soreness, sniffles, staying calm, and immune support.

We took into consideration the four things every new blend should be:

  • It needs to work
  • The blend needs to be safe
  • It should smell appealing
  • And it needs to be affordable

And for our KidSafe line, we added a fifth requirement: It must be absolutely safe for use with children.

In celebration of our KidSafe birthday, we created some new goodies, including five new KidSafe sets, bundling some of our favorite KidSafe blends. But even better? We’ve got the cutest new KidSafe Forest Friends Diffuser.

Plant Therapy Forest Friends Diffuser

Meet the Forest Friends Diffuser!

Our brand new Forest Friends Diffuser is a playful take on your everyday diffuser. With interchangeable ears and KidSafe settings, this diffuser will make the perfect addition to your child’s room.

  • Interchangeable Ears: Fox, bear, or rabbit? Well, now you can have all three! These interchangeable ears transform this diffuser into your child’s favorite woodland creature in an instant.
  • KidSafe Settings: This diffuser has three different diffusion settings and a 145 mL tank. You can choose from 30 minutes, 15 seconds on, and 30 seconds off until out of water or 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off until out of water.
  • Music & Lights: To make this diffuser truly special for your little one, it is also equipped with a nightlight that can be alternated between blue, candlelight, and purple. You also have the option of playing a soft natural song while the diffuser is in mist mode!

KidSafe Solution Focused Sets

New Solution-Focused KidSafe Bundled Sets

What would a new diffuser be without some incredible sets to go with it? Each of these new KidSafe Sets features the perfect combinations of some of our most-loved blends.

Ready for School

Are your kids Ready for School? With these six blends by their side, they can tackle whatever challenges school throws their way. Use Immune Boom and Germ Destroyer to help protect your little ones from sicknesses going around. If they’re having trouble focusing, A+ is what they need! Happy Place can help them deal with occasional anxiety and Nighty Night will help them get the good night’s rest they need. And Get ‘Em Gone helps effectively clean the scalp and prevent lice because no one wants to deal with those critters.

Travel Set

Travelling can be hard on your little ones. The Travel Set has six KidSafe blends designed to make your next trip a breeze. Tummy All Better helps with upset stomachs. Shield Me is great for any outdoor excursions as it helps keep the bugs away. No Worries and Calming the Child can help when the trip leaves your little one anxious. Finally, Sneezy Stop and Skin Soother help when pollen gets the best of them or their skin is feeling red and tender.

Sleepy Time

You know how difficult it can be when bedtime rolls around with your little ones. Our Sleepy Time KidSafe Set was created just to help kids get a good night’s sleep. If your child struggles with bad dreams and nightmares, Sweet Dreams is designed to help with just that. Plus Nighty Night and Sweet Slumber (our Lavender-Free option) can help promote a relaxing and calm environment before bed.

Outdoor Fun KidSafe Set

Outdoor Fun

Do your little ones love spending time outside? Then this Outdoor Fun Set is for you! Better Than Kisses, Sneezy Stop, and Shield Me are perfect for all your children’s adventures. They can help with small scrapes and booboos, seasonal allergies, or even keeping the mosquitos away!

Growing Up KidSafe

Growing Up comes with its own set of challenges. This set is here to help. Grow Ease is there for the next time your child feels aches and cramps due to growing. Or use Tension Tamer to help with any head and neck tension they might experience. And lastly, Sweet Dreams can help when your child struggles to get a good night’s rest due to bad dreams.

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