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Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Essential Oils


Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Essential Oils

Hands up if your family goes all out with Elf on the Shelf every year! It can be such a fun way to add a little excitement and whimsy to the month of December. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it encourages kids to stay on the nice list for Santa. You can be as creative or simple as you like. When you’re planning your little elf’s next shenanigans, why not add some essential oil fun to the mix? We’ve put together some ideas to help inspire all the Christmastime adventures.

Now if Elf on the Shelf is already part of your regularly scheduled holiday traditions, feel free to skip ahead. But if you’ve only seen Elf on the Shelf on Instagram and still aren’t quite sure what the big deal is, don’t worry, we’ll explain. Every year, Santa sends out his scout elves to keep an eye on the children of the world to see if they’re being naughty or nice.

Each night, they return to the North Pole to report on everything they’ve seen. The elf then returns to your home in a new spot every day. Your children race to find where he’s hiding, and he’s usually up to something fun or mischievous. But there’s one rule. If you touch the elf, he loses his magic. There are so many places for your elf to hide: peeking in presents, decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, and writing letters to Santa.

You can be creative, shop all things miniature at the craft store or just go for a basic new spot for him to perch. Whether you opt for outfits and props, you can add something fun that you already have: essential oils!

Elf on the Shelf

Raiding Your Stores

When it comes to essential oils, what better place to start than with your stores! Whether you keep them in a drawer, box, mini-fridge or cabinet, your elf could be raiding your oils and trying to sneak away with his favorite holiday blend.

Bubble Bath

After long trips to the North Pole and back, your elf might need a little rest and relaxation. How about a bubble bath! You can use cotton balls to recreate those fizzy bubbles. Plus you can add a few drops of Calming the Child or Relax to the cotton balls for a little passive diffusion.

Sleeping In

Whoops! Your elf got caught napping on the job. He’s all tucked in under a teeny tiny blanket with his favorite sleep blend by his side. Nighty Night, Sweet Slumber and Sweet Dreams can make sure your elf is ready for his next trip to the North Pole.

Elf in a winter scene

Diffusing a Holiday Blend

Having your favorite holiday blend in your diffuser is a Christmas must. One morning, your little elf could have his favorite blend in hand, ready to add a few drops to the diffuser.

Playing in the Snow

Making your own snow is easier than you think! All you need is some baking soda, some conditioner or lotion, and some essential oils. Any one of the Winter Friends blends would be a great choice! Start by adding a few drops to the conditioner or shaving cream. Then mix in baking soda till you get the ideal snowy consistency. Your elf can play in the lightly scented snow and make a snowman.

Coloring with the Winter Friends

For those with the Forest Friends Diffuser, did you know we have fun printable headbands to coordinate with the Winter Friends Blends? Your elf can get a head start coloring in the Toy Soldier or Blitzen headband for your diffuser. Your kids can finish the rest.

Plant Therapy Blitzen's Blend

Don’t Forget DIYs!

Here at Plant Therapy, we love a good holiday DIY. It’s an incredible way to combine some Christmas cheer with some classic holiday aromas. If you’ve got some DIYs planned to do with your kids, your elf could have the supplies ready to go! Or if there’s something you want to make for your kids to enjoy, your elf could be putting on the finishing touches. Here are a few fun DIYs to get you started! Plus you can use whatever holiday blend you want.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram to show off how you’re using essential oils with your Elf on the Shelf!