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Burn Bliss Sun Relief Essential Oil DIY


Burn Bliss Sun Relief Essential Oil DIY

It happens to most of us — we spend the day outside, soaking up the sun and having a great time, when all the sudden, that familiar, uncomfortable burn begins. Inevitably, anyone around you has to confirm your fear: “Whoa! Nice sunburn!”

While it’s easy to get caught up in the immediate and cosmetic discomfort of a sunburn, remember that the real damage done to your skin can take months for your body to repair. While the pain of a sunburn can last about a week, it actually takes your skin months to fully heal itself and protect that freshly exposed and sensitive skin.

Since a young age, we’ve all been taught how to stay safe in the sun, but it’s almost too easy to forget or just not take the time to do it. Prevention is key to avoid a sunburn, so let’s go over some inexcusably easy steps to take to keep your skin safe. Ladies — before you spend the day in the sun, start your sunburn prevention by donning that big floppy hat and flowing maxi skirt. These help protect the often forgotten areas of the lips, ears, back of neck, and backs of knees — keep them covered to keep them safe! And guys, keep that ball cap on for face protection.

Also, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Apply it as often as the product recommends it or as often as you need it. And as soon as you feel the redness, it’s time to take action! Reduce the damage being done to the skin’s cells by covering up and giving your skin the chance to heal as quickly as possible.

Try this luxurious DIY to pamper your sunburned skin and start feeling better!

DIY Burn Bliss

DIY burn bliss essential oil recipe

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Use a food processor to grind all the ingredients together. Scoop into muslin bags and store in Ziploc bag. To use, place one muslin bag into bath water and agitate water with hand. Get in bath and enjoy!

Check back with us tomorrow for another amazing DIY sunburn remedy!