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Birthdays Are for Gifting... We Have One for You!


Birthdays Are for Gifting... We Have One for You!

We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday! Did we mention we like gifting?

Sign up for PT Perqs rewards and tell us your birthday (don’t worry, we don’t ask what year). On your special day, we’ll award you with 15 PT Perqs Points if you are an Oily Bestie. Plus every Perqs Points member will receive an exclusive birthday-only blend on their birthday!

As our gift to you, you’ll be able to receive our new delightfully sweet and uplifting Lemon Cupcake with a purchase of over $5!

This sweet celebration blend smells just like a frosted lemon cupcake. You’ll love its calming and happiness-inducing properties! It includes Copaiba, Vanilla Oleoresin, Ho Wood, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils. The smell is nothing short of irresistible!

Plus, Lemon Cupcake is perfect for lotions and cream – just make sure to dilute it to 1-2%. Oh, and before you use it, shake it up. The heavier oils in this blend settle to the bottom and need a little shaking to mix up.

So, how does it work (or how can I get one?)

First, make sure you give us your birthday when you sign up for our amazing PT Perqs reward program. Then on your birthday, you will receive a unique birthday gift coupon code to claim your Lemon Cupcake blend with your next order from Plant Therapy. So easy!

Does the coupon expire?

Yes. The coupon code sent to you will expire the last day of the month following your birthday, so don’t wait too long to claim it! For example, if your birthday falls on December 1 or December 31, your coupon code would expire on January 31.

Do I need to make a purchase to claim my gift?

Yes. Spend at least $5 to qualify for the gift. Gift cards and gift certificates do not qualify.

Can this coupon be used with other coupons?


Are wholesale customers eligible to purchase Lemon Cupcake separately?

No. The only way to get this is through the birthday program.

It’s your special day, so treat yourself and get exactly what you want this year. We hope you love our birthday program and we wish you a very happy birthday!