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Why Buy Organic?


Why Buy Organic?

So what’s the big deal? Why buy organic anyway?

Honestly, this is a completely personal choice. Some people only use organic products, some people prefer to when possible, and some people are pretty indifferent to the choice either way. But what it really boils down to is that we here at Plant Therapy want to make sure our customers have plenty of options when it comes to the products they buy.

That’s why we are so proud to offer our customers so many organic options! Each is certified through ECOCERT ICO, an inspection and certification organization fully accredited through The National Organic Program (NOP). And they have some very strict standards — trust us!

What does it take for an essential oil to get the organic seal?

First, there must be absolutely no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) used in the entire process, from planting the seed to processing the oil. The soil where the plants grow must be clean of any prohibited substances applied to it for at least 3 years before the harvest of an organic crop. And of course, no harmful pesticides can be used; to control pests, weeds, and diseases, farmers use physical, mechanical, and biological efforts that are environmentally friendly. Another important point to consider about organic crops is these plants grow freely without the aid of synthetic fertilizers.

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For these reasons and more, when you purchase a certified organic product, you are also helping to conserve biodiversity. This helps to ensure our natural landscapes and their ecosystems are maintained and intact for generations to come.

Either way — organic or not — we only offer our customers the highest standard of purity in everything we sell. This is exactly why we provide each batch of oil with a GC-MS report that’s available online for anyone to see. But if buying organic is what matters to you and your family, know that we are working hard to offer plenty of USDA Certified Organic essential oils to choose from.

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