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Valentine's Day Essential Oil Gift Ideas


Valentine's Day Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day may be one of the trickiest holidays to navigate when trying to find the perfect gift for the people you love.

First off, it seems like this holiday has prescribed gifts that no one should deviate from: the box of chocolates, red roses, greetings cards oozing with over-the-top sentimentality, elegant dinners at crowded restaurants….boring!

This year, celebrate this day of love and affection by stepping outside of the Valentine’s Day comfort zone! Whether you are spending time with your main squeeze or crazy amazing BFFs, we want to help you come up with some gifts that are unique and thoughtful.

For your crush

for your crush, marvelous massage and sensual blend

Got a certain someone in mind who gives you those tummy butterflies? You’re going to want to give them something that lets them know you want to cozy up and get close!

Sensual Blend

Available both as an undiluted blend and a pre-diluted roll-on, this exceptionally romantic and sensual blend can spice up any special evening. The floral overtones of Ylang Ylang Complete and Jasmine Absolute give way to the more subtle, woody notes of Sandalwood Australian and Patchouli. Orange Sweet and Lavender round out the blend for an overall balance.

Marvelous Massage

Take your evening a bit further with this luxurious blend of carrier oils, specifically made for bodywork. It contains the carrier oils of Almond, Fractionated Coconut, Jojoba, Meadowfoam, and Sunflower. Together, the skin feels soft, conditioned, and nourished thanks to a diverse mix of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D, and E.

Here’s a little tip: enhance the massage by blending in some Sensual! For an ounce of Marvelous Massage, add 27 drops of Sensual for a 3% dilution.

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For your sister from another mister

For your sister from another mister sleep tight set, rose hydrosol, and Evoke

She’s been with you through thick and thin and always brings out your best! Don’t forget to show your bestie all the love she deserves with a gift that’s is as one-of-a-kind as she is!


A new line, new scents, new look—the perfect way to celebrate the amazing lady in your life!

Sleep Sets

Two choices to help your bestie get amazing sleep. Each set is designed to have everything needed to help calm and relax the mind and body—Bubble bath specially designed eye masks, relaxing, undiluted essential oil blends, and so much more!

Chakra Roll-Ons

This special line helps to balance the seven major chakras of the natural energy system in our bodies. These beautiful fragrances have been pre-diluted for super easy application!

Rose Hydrosol

Hydrosols are amazingly gentle, safe, and easy-to-use products that can be used in tons of ways! Rose helps bring a sense of well-being and peace to the senses and can be used as a room or linen spray, added to a bath, or enjoyed as a fabulous personal fragrance!

For your mother

For your mother rose absolute, rose otto, jasmine absolute, bouquet blend

Yes, bouquets of flowers are nice, but this year, why not try something a different? Pamper your mom by treating her to the beautiful aroma of a bouquet—whenever she wants!

Rose Absolute

Rose Absolute is extremely useful in skin rejuvenation, as it counteracts the visible signs of aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping smooth skin. Mom’s gonna love it!

Rose Otto

Rose Otto has a wonderful, floral aroma that will transfer mom to a rose garden in seconds. Its therapeutic properties have been used for centuries to heal dry, reddened skin, comfort the mind during times of duress and extreme sadness, as well as create a natural perfumery that is loved by all. Unlike Rose Absolute, Rose Otto is hydrodistilled and is a very rare addition to any essential oil collection.


This beautiful, bright blend is a refreshing, floral, and zesty choice for mom! The glorious aroma can help lift her out of her daily worries and stresses while providing a sense of lightness and ease!

Jasmine Absolute

Uplifting, calming, and great for gently smoothing and revitalizing skin, this absolute is absolutely perfect for mom! It’s known to ease away feelings of tension and bolster feelings of self-confidence.

Oil of the Month

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Each month Plant Therapy delivers a unique product straight to the member’s door! It’s a fun surprise for mom that reminds her of your love each time a new fun green package arrives.

For your daughter

For your daughter essence set, novafuse

The love between a mother and daughter can hardly be captured in a gift, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one!

Essence Set

Each unique essence (Orange, Mandarin Green, and Lemon) captures what we love best about these favorite citrus essential oils while providing scents that are brighter than ever!


A great diffuser can infuse a room with delightful fragrances! Our NovaFuse is sleek and powerful so your daughter can enjoy her favorite essential oils whenever she likes.

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And don’t forget to check out the Safe Essential Oil Recipes group on facebook! There are tons of amazing DIY recipes made by passionate EO enthusiasts to help get your creative juices flowing.