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The Powerful Capabilities of Clove Bud Essential Oil


The Powerful Capabilities of Clove Bud Essential Oil

Imagine cozying up under a nice, warm blanket, tea in one hand, and Clove Bud Essential Oil diffusing away. That’s the energy this amazing oil gives to your living space. Its strong, warm, yet spicy aroma brings an inviting feeling to any diffuser blend. However, Clove Bud does more than just create a warm environment. Let’s find out all its amazing properties that are sure to have you snag this if you haven’t already.

Supports Overall Health

When those seasonal threats arise, there’s no question. We’re reaching for Clove Bud to help. Using Clove Bud can help support an overall healthy immune system or ease symptoms caused by the common cold or flu. In an aromatherapy diffuser or a personal inhaler, add the appropriate amount of Clove Bud to take in its immune-boosting abilities. For a refreshing yet warm diffuser blend, combine 1 drop Clove Bud, 4 drops Sweet Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon Leaf, and 3 drops Black Spruce. Diffuse during the fall season and help protect yourself against illness during the winter months.

Not only does it support immune health but research shows that it can also help with cognitive and brain health. Clove Bud’s spicy and warm scent can invigorate the senses and also stimulate the mind. So, when you’re in need of something to help you refocus on a project or your studies, Clove Bud can help sharpen mental focus.

Alleviates Aches and Pains

Due to its warming and stimulating benefits, it makes it the ideal contender for alleviating almost any issues related to pain. If you experience aching muscles and joints due to normal wear and tear or if you went a little overboard at the gym, diluting Clove Bud with a carrier oil can help warm up those muscles and relieve some tension. In addition, if you experience inflammatory issues, nerve pain, or even rheumatism, Clove Bud can help ease the pain and increase circulation. Also, a reminder that Clove Bud is an intense, strong essential oil so be sure to keep dilution to a maximum of 0.5%.

But, the benefits don’t stop there! This essential oil greatly relieves toothaches and pains. If you’re needing a temporary and quick alleviation of dental pain, reach for Clove Bud. Be sure to dilute the essential oil first into a carrier oil and rub the outside of your jaw, where the dental pain is, to alleviate some discomfort.

TerraFuse Deluxe Diffuser

Cleanse and Refreshes Atmosphere

Clove Bud possesses cleansing properties, which can help clean and refresh your own living space. While it doesn’t completely kill any germs or bacteria (only a disinfectant can do that), it can sure help leave your home fresh and tidy. Add it to your favorite cleaning products or to a DIY cleaning recipe to not only leave your home sparkling and clean but can help clean your home when seasonal threats approach. The perfect balance between warm and sweet, refresh your living space with our Cozy Citrus Diffuser Blend below.

Cozy Citrus Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Add all the essential oils to your aromatherapy diffuser.

Some Things To Know

  • KidSafe: No
  • Pup & Pony Safe: No
  • Pregnancy Safe: No
  • Nursing Safe: No
  • Shelf Life: 4-5 years
  • Cautions: For topical use, keep your dilution under 0.5%. Do not use it if you have a clotting disorder or are taking blood-thinning medication or consult with your physician. External use only.

Have you used Clove Bud before? If so, what do you use it for? Let us know!