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Summer Solstice for the Spirit


Summer Solstice for the Spirit


Today marks the longest day of the year.

For some weeks, I’ve been drawn toward this day, the Summer Solstice, to create and experience some deeper healing. It’s as if my soul has been turning toward the sun needing to illuminate some of the dark places still casting shadows on my soul.

Shocks to the system, such as trauma, crisis, or loss not only impact our mind and body, but also leave an imprint on our spirit. Left untended, they can create blocks to our ability for our spirit light to fully shine.

In Spring Cleaning for the Spirit, we refreshed and cleared the clutter and cobwebs within us. Since that time, I’ve been drawn to a deeper level of cleansing. I mentioned to someone, who had been through a similar experience, that I was feeling a readiness – a craving if you will – to go deeper, and she profoundly replied:

“If you are willing to go deeper, you are ready to heal.”

sunlight-hand-smaller-size (1)The nature of my being thrives in the light. The lengthened days of summer bring a radiance to my heart and uplift my spirit. So, I can’t think of a more perfect time than this season of sunlight to support my spirit light in shining brighter than before.

I feel there is a synergy of sensory experiences to access that comes both from basking in the glow of the sun, as well as smelling the scent of special blends while setting the intention of enlightened reflection in support of the spirit.

What that reflection means to each of us, may be different, but I think a slowing down to look inward, to see where the shadows may be dimming our light, and allowing shifts to begin to take place. The very act of reflection is one of illuminating what sits below the surface.

For me, it is meditation, for others it may be prayer, and yet for others it may be just sitting quietly in a place that feels like sanctuary. That could mean something as simple as a morning stroll, a day at the beach, or sitting by a window filled with natural light, and then spending some time in quiet contemplation while diffusing a blend that brings light to the spirit. You may wish to make note of comes into you awareness, any shifts you experience, and intentions you set going forward to help light the way.

This is a practice that takes time, over time, and for me, suited for the sunny and slower time of summer. It is a supportive practice, as a complement, to deepen the self-care I am already practicing.

And, here, I want to note that, while aromatherapy and self-reflection can provide gentle and soothing support when mending issues enmeshed within our essence, it is very important to know where you are in your journey and to seek professional support when you feel it is needed, especially when bringing deeper, darker things into the light, or dealing with potentially profound shifts. The skilled and compassionate hand of gifted healers, over many years, has helped to bring me to this point of being “willing to go deeper and ready to heal.”

Once I opened myself up to the possibility of deeper healing, I set out to explore which aromatherapy options might best suit as support for this next leg of my journey. Immediately, three things happened.

When you are ready, the teacher appears. And, that teacher was named melissa!

I was already working on this blog, when I unexpectedly received a sample of melissa. It was love at first sight (or smell). Within a few days, in a discussion with others, melissa was suggested as a wonderful and powerful support in helping to heal deep wounds of the spirit. It was clear to me that melissa was appearing for a reason.

I opened my copy of “The Blossoming Heart” Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation,” by Robbi Zeck to discover she writes this about melissa in working with the spirit:

“Like a beam of light on a dark winter’s day … reaching inward, caressing the inner being, the warm radiance directs the spirit toward mindful reflection on all that you have to be grateful for.

What a perfect essential oil to bring light to the places of the spirit that you wish to illuminate. And, what better time to harness that “beam of light” than on the longest day of the year. Or, for that matter, any time your spirit needs the support of a “beam of light” and “warm radiance.”

In working with melissa on this level, I was immediately and intuitively drawn toward several other essential oils that play important and supportive roles. These are indeed precious oils that provide support for potential of exquisite healing. They have come together in several blends outlined below that you may wish to experience and explore in your own healing journey.

I hope one, or more, of these blends will help those of you wishing to brighten your spirit light. May your own journey be illuminated by the radiance from the skies above and your own essential radiance within.

The ratios below are for diffusing. They can easily be scaled up to 15 drops for inhalers on the go, or made as a mini-master blend and added a drop at at time to diffuser jewelry.

Liquid Sunshine

2 drops fragonia

2 drops melissa

1 drop lime

Helps to bring light and radiance to the heart and spirit. Helps to clear and cleanse old and deep emotional blocks and patterns, especially from long-ago wounds. Provide comfort and support. Uplifting and calming, as well as grounding and balancing during times of emotional difficulty. Promotes emotional clarity. Encourages personal strength, dignity and gratitude.

Warming Light

2 drops coriander

2 drops of sandalwood

1 drop melissa

Brings light to the heart and spirit, and warmth to the emotions. Eases emotional blocks. Promotes a sense of peace and security while encouraging a higher state of consciousness and greater clarity. Supports healing of mind, body and spirit. Grounds, balances and calms. Encourages confidence, motivation, optimism.

Radiant Spirit

1 drop neroli

1 drop melissa

2 drops mandarin

1 drop bergamot

Brings positive energy, promoting joyful love and sense of peace. Helps to connect more deeply inward to support emotional renewal and the shifting of old patterns. Brings a sunny, radiant light to the spirit, especially when dealing with deeper emotions during times of inward reflection. Gently helps to provide emotional clarity and helps to ease blocks. Helps to ease wounds of the heart and opens the heart to radiant love and joy.

Grounding Glow

1 drop sandalwood

2 drops melissa

1 drop fragonia

1 drop ginger co2

Grounding and calming while inviting light, warmth and radiance to the spirit. Helps to connect to a higher consciousness and insightful self-awareness, especially during quiet reflection. Helps to release deep emotional blocks. Supports balance to mind, body and spirit, encouraging peace within. Strengthening and rejuvenating, it promotes courage, confidence and optimism.


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