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Starting Your KidSafe Collection


Starting Your KidSafe Collection

By Tyler Hagan, Certified Aromatherapist

Plant Therapy has a huge heart for families and kids. As a company, we strive to provide easy, affordable solutions to help you and your family live healthier, happier lives. One way we accomplish this goal is through the development of our KidSafe line of essential oil products.

For those who are new to the Plant Therapy family and don’t know about our KidSafe line, I’d strongly recommend checking out our blog post, What does KidSafe REALLY mean? For those of you who know about our KidSafe line already but don’t know where to start, stay put and read on. Let’s take a look at OUR favorite KidSafe blends and how they make a difference in our lives.

Children using finger paints

Retha Nesmith, one of our certified aromatherapists and the VP of Customer Experiences, uses our KidSafe blends and singles all the time for her family. But here are her top three favorites!


Lavender is such a versatile oil. And because it is KidSafe, you can use it with adults and children! If I was only able to ever use one oil for the rest of my life, I would choose Lavender. It is relaxing, calming, helps focus the mind, great for all skin concerns, helps fight germs, and is great for emotional support. Basically, there is nothing that Lavender can’t do!”

Immune Boom

Immune Boom is my favorite. It may smell like pickles (I love dill pickles) but it works great. When I first started using Immune Boom, I noticed that my children weren’t getting sick as often. And even if someone in my family got sick, nobody else did. It took a couple years of using this product during flu season before I was convinced that none of this was a coincidence. I know that if I use Immune Boom diluted and applied topically on a regular basis during flu season, my family is much healthier!”

Sniffle Stopper

“Anyone who has children knows how scary and hard it can be when your child is congested and can’t breathe very well. Sniffle Stopper is a must-have in my house because it helps my children breathe when they are congested. I use the pre-diluted roll-on and apply a small amount right under my children’s nose and on their chest. They sleep so much better because they can breathe so much better! “

Kids playing tag outside

Jessica Cobb, one of Plant Therapy’s certified aromatherapists and our lovely content manager uses our KidSafe line of products, too. According to her, if she had to pick three of our KidSafe oils, she’d pick…

Itch Away

“My son struggles constantly with red, dry patches that itch like crazy. He loves using his Itch Away roll-on to take away the itch and help prevent further agitation. It’s great for bug bites too!”

Calming the Child

Calming the Child is great at providing a calming atmosphere right before bedtime and during quiet times throughout the day. We love diffusing it and it works and smells great!”


“My son finds our KidSafe PoopEase blend very relaxing and that’s how we use it the most. It’s great at providing some relief from tummy troubles and really helps keep things moving. He also loves it because it has the word poop in its name. Boys!”

Young kid in a go-cart

These are just some of our favorite KidSafe oils we like to use with our children. There are many other KidSafe singles and blends to choose from. They all have amazing benefits and intended purposes to help make life more enjoyable. Sherissa Anderson, one of our Customer Experience Representatives, loves using our KidSafe Calming the Child. She also loves our Pink Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils. When we asked Danny Loughmiller what his favorite KidSafe oils were, he said Germ Destroyer, Better Than Kisses, and of course, Sniffle Stopper.

What are your favorite KidSafe oils and how do you use them? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to join us in our Facebook group, Safe Essential Oil Recipes!