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Plant Therapy on Facebook: Our Safe Essential Oil Recipe Facebook Group!


Plant Therapy on Facebook: Our Safe Essential Oil Recipe Facebook Group!

safe essential oil recipes, facebook title imageDid you know that Plant Therapy has an online community on Facebook? Our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR, for short) group was created and is administered by Plant Therapy’s own certified aromatherapists.

The mission of the Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) group is to provide recipes, ideas, meaningful posts, resources and tools for its members to use, with the goal of safety as the foundation. SEOR members respectfully share and interact in featured posts and learn about using essential oils safely.

Because our customer’s safety is of utmost importance to Plant Therapy, all posts in the group go through a screening process before being approved. If needed, the admin team will offer safer alternatives, give suggestions or advice, and answer any questions that members may have.

kidsafe essential oilsWe welcome all essential oil enthusiasts, seasoned and fresh on the scene. We believe everyone has something to offer to our online community. If you’re still new to the essential oil scene, no worries! We’re welcome to any questions you have, any assistance you need, and just about anything you want to share. We’re ultimately here to support you on the incredible essential oil journey.

planttherapy diffuser with lavender In addition to member interaction, you will find informational learning units that have been curated by our admin team. The purpose of these educational learning units is to further your knowledge about essential oils. This will allow you to make educated choices when using aromatherapy with your friends and loved ones.

Safe Essential Oil Recipes is a growing community of like-minded essential oil enthusiasts who value safety and education. New members are always welcome in our SEOR community.

Don’t hesitate, we’d love to have you! Click here to join Safe Essential Oil Recipes on Facebook today!