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Relaxing After the Holiday Craziness


Relaxing After the Holiday Craziness

Can you believe it? The busy holiday season is winding down to a close. After all the hustle and bustle of November and December, it’s finally time to put your feet up and relax. But sometimes that easier said than done — let us help you find some post-holiday stress relief and get prepared for the awesome new year ahead of you!

holiday season with children relaxing

Time for a fresh start.

Did a Christmas bomb of wrapping paper, tape, and cardboard explode in your house? Do cookie crumbs, candy wrappers, and mysterious spots of glitter sprinkle your floor? Have your children strategically avoided all of their chores for the last few days to play with their new toys? Well, it’s really hard to relax if your home is a mess. It’s time to turn up the music, gather up the family, and clean up that big mess Santa made! Trust us — you’ll feel better when you do.

Do less, enjoy more.

The holiday season really glorifies the act of being “busy.” There’s so much to do, so many people to see and events to attend…it’s time to unwind now. Give yourself permission to veg out a bit and enjoy doing the things that you want to do — whatever that might be. This may also be a great time to practice calming meditation, or, if that’s not something you’re interested in, then just take a few deep, intentional breaths to help you relax and refresh after the busy holidays.

Regain your routine.

The holiday season can really mess up our regular day-to-day routine. That’s not necessarily a bad thing of course, but it is important to get your routine back in place, especially if you have children who are about to go back to school after a couple weeks off. Try to stick to a time in the evening to turn off the electronics, quiet down the house, and focus on relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.

Try some essential oils that are both refreshing and relaxing to recuperate after the holidays!

Orange Sweet Essential Oil from Plant Therapy to help relax

Orange Sweet

This quintessential sunshine scent is wonderful all year long because it is so cheerful and uplifting. It’s great to use when your nerves are frazzled and your mind is full of worry. Diffuse to help brighten your day (and your home!) or dilute to 2-5% in your favorite carrier oil. You can apply it topically purely to enjoy the scent, but you’ll also be getting the added benefits of Orange Sweet supporting a healthy immune system and helping with digestive issues.

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Frankincense Frereana

If the hectic holidays have made your skin looking a little dull, you’re going to love this species of Frankincense. Prized for its skin rejuvenating properties, it can help smooth the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and dry or damaged skin. Just make sure to dilute it in your favorite carrier oil or skin cream at 1% for the face, or 3-5% for other areas of the body. Frankincense Frereana is also fantastic to diffuse for its fresh, woody-pine, and lemony scent. It helps support the immune system and promotes relaxation for your whole body, making it a perfect post-Christmas choice!

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Ho Wood

If you’re looking for maximum relaxation, you’re going to love Ho Wood. It is one of the most potent sources of naturally occurring linalool, a chemical component known to help reduce symptoms of stress. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for an essential oil to help you relax and unwind, especially if you add it with another essential oil with a high linalool content, such as Lavender. You can diffuse this beautifully fragrant wood oil or mix it with a carrier at a 2-5% dilution and apply topically on your hands or tops of feet.

Copaiba Oleoresin

copaiba oleoresinBeing out and about all holiday season may have taken a toll on your muscles and joints. If those are feeling a bit sore right now, Copaiba Oleoresin may be able to help. This is due in part to its large quantity of beta-caryophyllene, which interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body and releasing beta-endorphin . What does that mean? It means it can help alleviate sore muscles and joints! Dilute it to 2-4% in a carrier oil and massage it onto the areas of concern. For an emotionally grounding diffuser blend, diffuse 3 drops of Copaiba Oleoresin with 2 drops of Frankincense Carteri and 4 drops of Orange Sweet.

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Try this KidSafe inhaler blend to enjoy all of these oils working harmoniously together to help you relax and feel great after the holidays!

Holiday Break Inhaler Blend

holiday break inhaler blend plant therapyWhat you’ll need:

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To use, add to your personal aromatherapy inhaler and use as needed when the holiday season has you feeling a little overwhelmed!


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