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How to Use Your Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler


How to Use Your Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler

What is a Personal Aromatherapy Inhaler?

This little device goes by a few different names.

Personal Inhaler, Aromastick, Aromatherapy Inhaler, and many others. Often times we recommend making a personal inhaler. What does this mean? This is a way to take your aromatherapy with you when you travel, head to work or school, or anytime you’re not at home near your diffuser.

Since inhalation is such an effective method of use for essential oils, it’s a perfect solution.

How to use your personal aromatherapy inhaler

Let’s explore how to use them properly and then check out some good blends for use in them!

There are several parts to the inhaler:

  • The wick: Where you drop 10-15 drops of essential oil or an essential oil blend
  • The inhaler: The part that you sniff from
  • The lid: The cover that keeps the scent from dissipating too quickly
  • The base: Keeps everything sealed up tight

Need a more in-depth tutorial? Check out this YouTube Video on exactly how to prepare an inhaler for use!!


What to put in your personal aromatherapy inhaler:

Personal Inhaler Tips and Tricks Essential Oils Plant TherapyNow let’s get onto the good stuff – the recipes! There are endless possibilities – so please don’t let this list limit your imagination.

However, here are some general ideas for certain circumstances. Remember that for the most part, it only take 10-15 drops TOTAL essential oil!

Be sure to let me know how these work out for you! If you have questions or concerns regarding any of this information, please emails one of our Aromatherapists at or join our Facebook page Safe Essential Oil Recipes and share your favorite inhaler recipes with us! See you soon!