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Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin


Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin

Lavender is probably one of the single most popular essential oils there is, and for good reason! It’s incredibly versatile, has a pleasant aroma and is highly regarded for its relaxing properties. But like so many other essential oils, it has multiple varieties. It can always be difficult to know which one to choose when they all sound so similar. We’re here to break down the differences so you can feel confident next time you reach for Lavender.

Lavender vs Lavender Fine vs Lavandin


Chances are this is one of the first oils that made it into your collection. And for many, it stays one of the most loved and most used oils. It has a sweet, herbaceous aroma that helps create a calming atmosphere and soothes nervous tension. It is also one of the most popular choices when you’re looking to relax. Lavender is also a popular choice for skin care as it can help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, as well as help soothe sunburns.

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Lavender Fine

The first difference you’ll probably notice with Lavender Fine is the aroma. This is because Lavandula angustifolia, the variety that is used to make Lavender Fine, grows at a higher altitude and for a shorter season. The result is a more refined and complex aroma. As for therapeutic benefits, it is very similar to standard Lavender. So if you’re looking for a stronger, more complex fragrance, Lavender Fine is what you should choose.

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The thing about Lavandin is that it’s technically not a true Lavender. Instead, it is derived from a cross between two different varieties that grow at different altitudes. You’ll find it has many similar therapeutic properties, but a sweeter aroma. Also, Lavandin has the added benefit of being good for respiratory support. And although it is still a calming oil, it is generally considered to be more stimulating.

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