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Introducing: Plant Therapy's Fruit Essence Set!


Introducing: Plant Therapy's Fruit Essence Set!

Help us welcome Plant Therapy’s newest amazing product: The Fruit Essence Set. Each unique essence captures what we love best about these favorite citrus essential oils while providing scents that are brighter than ever.

Formerly available as an Oil of the Month, the Fruit Essence Set contains three 10 mL bottles: Orange Essence Oil, Mandarin Green Essence Oil, and Lemon Essence Oil. Plus they come perfectly packaged together in a cute, natural wooden box.

What’s the difference between an essential oil and an “essence” oil?

Mandarin Green, Orange, and Lemon essential oils are produced by either being cold pressed or steam distilled from the peels of the fruit. “essence oils” are distilled from the fruit itself.

An “essence” is a byproduct of juicing citrus fruits. When the fruit juice is concentrated, essence oils come to the surface and are separated by vacuum distillation. This removes all of the water and produces an essence.

The result is that essence oils have a ‘juicier’ scent than their essential counterparts.

Orange essence fruit oil plant therapyOrange Essence Oil

Originating in China, the Sweet Orange fruit grows on a small evergreen tree. In the United States, the sweet orange is iconically associated with the sunshine cultures and crop industries of California and Florida. In Europe, sweet orange can be found more extensively around the Mediterranean. The orange fruit is important in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a variety of ailments.

Orange Essence Oil has an intense, fresh citrus scent that uplifts and helps energize, while also helping to calm worry and tension. As a co-product of the production of orange juice, Orange Essence differs from Orange Sweet with its strong, effervescent, fruity top note and additional aldehydes (approximately 0.5%). Otherwise, the chemical makeup is almost identical to Orange Sweet and offers the same uplifting benefits.

Use Orange Essence Oil to brighten up any blend! Try adding 3 drops of Orange Essence, 3 drops of Grapefruit Pink, and 3 drops of Mandarin to your Plant Therapy diffuser for a bright, uplifting experience.

For topical use, try diluting Orange Essence Oil to 1-3% in your favorite carrier oil.

Mandarin Green Fruit Essence Oil Plant TherapyMandarin Green Essence Oil

Closely related to Tangerine, the Mandarin in native to Asia, especially southern China. However, the small evergreen tree it grows on is now grown in Europe, the Middle East, and Brazil.

Historically, the mandarin fruit’s gentle nature has been considered ideal to support digestive issues in children and the elderly. Its beautiful citrus scent is used as a flavoring agent in sweet liquors, personal care products, and more.

Mandarin Green Essence Oil has an intense, sweet, fresh citrus scent that’s great for helping soothe tension or worry. This green oil has been harvested early enough to yield the green and yellow oils, rather than the reddish oils harvested later for Mandarin essential oil. This particular oil has a dimethyl anthranilate note, which makes it perfect to give an added burst of sweet richness to any blend.

Mandarin Green Essence Oil can be used instead of, or with, your Mandarin Essential Oil! Try adding 6 drops of Mandarin Green Essence and 3 drops of Lavender to your Plant Therapy diffuser to promote relaxation before bedtime.

If you want to use this oil topically, try diluting it to 1-3% in your favorite carrier oil.

lemon fruit essence oil plant therapyLemon Essence Oil

This well-known fruit ripens to its bright yellow color on small evergreen trees grown around the world. The lemon fruit is used everywhere in food flavors, beverages and in scenting perfumes and personal care products. Historically, the actual lemon fruit has been employed for illnesses from infection to arthritic conditions.

While similar to Lemon Steam Distilled Essential Oil in chemical makeup, Lemon Essence Oil offers a noticeable estery fruitiness, which is unique to essence oils. Because Lemon Essence Oil is colorless, it is useful in applications where discoloration is a problem.

Lemon Essence Oil has an intense, fresh, zesty citrus scent that people find energizing and uplifting. Lemon Steam Distilled has a similar chemical makeup, but Lemon Essence Oil offers a juicier scent, which is what essence oils do best!

Use Lemon Essence to add a pop of zesty freshness to any blend! Try mixing 4 drops Lemon Essence, 2 drops Peppermint plus 2 drops Eucalyptus to your favorite diffuser to get you going in the AM. For topical use, dilute 1-2% in your favorite carrier oil.

Lemon Essence Oil is colorless, making it useful in applications where discoloration may be problematic. Lemon Essence oil can also cause photosensitivity in some cases. To avoid this, keep your maximum dilution at or below 2% when using on the skin.

You won’t believe how much you’re going to love these juicy, fruity oils for spring and summer!