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How to Use the Paw Pal Diffuser


How to Use the Paw Pal Diffuser

I’m just going to speak for everyone here when I say: “Our Paw Pal Diffuser is SO. CUTE.” Is it the cutest passive diffusion option we’ve ever sold? Absolutely. The cutest in the whole world? Probably. Something you need in your life? No question!

So let’s take a look at what makes this adorable product such a great addition to your oily life (whether or not you have furry friends at home!).

Don’t let the paw pendent confuse you; this can totally be used for horses, too!

Horses in a stable

First things first—if you are going to use this diffuser for your dogs or horses, it is critical to take it slow. Don’t rush into forcing essential oils onto your pets. Make sure your pets are safe and feel comfortable with oils.

We encourage you to take some time learning about essential oils and animals with this blog about Essential Oils and Pets.

Creating a Positive Association

Just because you love a certain essential oil doesn’t mean your pet will. So take time to learn how your pet reacts to your chosen Pup & Pony blend by first applying the diluted blend to yourself for the first few days. Your pet will begin to associate the aroma with his or her most favorite person (you!) and during this time you’ll be able to gauge your pet’s response. If he or she approves of the blend, you can go forward with using the blend in your Paw Pal Diffuser!

How to Use for Dogs and Horses

plant therapy pup & pony paw pal diffuserDogs and horses have an incredible sense of smell and that is so important to remember when using essential oils with them. While many passive diffusion techniques, like aromatherapy necklaces, use a single undiluted drop on the felt pad or bead, this can be too overwhelming for your pet. Instead, dilute your chosen blend to 1-2% in a carrier oil. Then, add one drop of that to the included felt pad.

The Paw Pal Diffuser has a convenient lobster clasp that allows you to clip it just about anywhere you need it to be. Have you and your pet have established a positive relationship with the blend being diffused? If so, you can clip the Paw Pal Diffuser onto the collar, bridle, kennel, or stable. You do not want to do this before knowing without a doubt that your pet benefits from the blend. This is especially important if you are clipping the diffuser to a place where your pet cannot remove themselves from the aroma if they do not like it.

No pets? No problem!

Ladies enjoying a car ride

Yes, the Paw Pal Diffuser is part of our Pup & Pony line. But we promise you don’t have to be either a pup or pony to love it! There are plenty of ways to use this adorable passive diffuser with no pets included…

In your Car

Passive diffusion and cars are like peanut butter and jelly. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favorite oils and blends without them becoming overwhelming. You can use the light scent to simply freshen the aroma of your vehicle or support a better driving atmosphere. Purposefully choose the oils to passively diffuse that can promote alertness, discourage motion sickness, or calm down those rowdy kids in the back seat.

On your Keychain

Make your love for animals, aromatherapy, AND Plant Therapy known whenever you bust out your keychain. The Paw Pal Diffuser is a great addition to your collection of jangly keys, especially for all the dog-lovers out there! Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of always being able to enjoy a lightly scented purse, satchel, briefcase, or wherever you keep your keys handy.

In a Diaper Bag

One of the trademarks of being a new mom or dad—the diaper bag! Always with you, always necessary, and always traumatic when it’s accidentally left behind. And while all parents wish their diaper bag was organized, clean, and inspection-ready, that’s not always the case. Milk slowly dripping from uncapped bottles, baby spoons coated with mashed up veggies, balled up undies suffering from untimely potty-training accidents….that’s a real diaper bag. So why not freshen it up a bit? Add your favorite KidSafe oil or blend to the Paw Pal Diffuser and simply clip inside the bag for a wonderful scent every time you open the bag!

On a Backpack

Perfect for all the little boys and girls with big, animal-loving hearts! The Paw Pal Diffuser can be clipped onto a backpack so your child can keep this shiny cute paw print with them all day long. Use it with their favorite KidSafe oil or blend so they can smell it whenever they want. Or add the diffuser with essential oils that can support them during the school day with issues such as focus (A+ Attention), hyperactivity (Calming the Child), and getting sick (Defender). Remember to first check with your child’s teacher or school administration before using essential oils at school.

So how are you going to use the Paw Pal Diffuser? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to head over to our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for more ideas and inspiration about our Pup & Pony products and everything essential-oil related!