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How to Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Smell Like the Real Thing


How to Make Your Fake Christmas Tree Smell Like the Real Thing

Faux Christmas trees have come a long way since the foil trees of the 60s. Now you find something that looks realistic, impressive and utterly festive year after year. Plus it has made decorating for Christmas so much easier. No more vacuuming up needles every other day and wresting with the tangled mess of Christmas lights, not to mention the whole fire hazard situation. Now when you invest in a nice, pre-lit tree that will last several years, you can plug it in, add your decorations and you’re good to go! However, fake Christmas trees lack one crucial detail… the unmistakable fresh pine aroma.

But don’t despair, you can recreate that magical aroma with essential oils! Plus many of the firs and pines also help ease congestion and breathing when you get a winter cold and give an emotional boost during those winter blues. It’s a win-win!

Christmas Tree and Holly Berries Room Sprays

Start with a Room Spray

The scent of a fresh Christmas tree has never been easier to achieve! Our Christmas Tree Room Spray effortlessly fills your room with the scent of a freshly cut tree. Whether you spray it in the air or spritz it directly on your fake Christmas tree, you can enjoy the burst of holiday freshness whenever you need it.

Plus, you can pair the Christmas Tree Room Spray with our Christmas Tree Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Christmas Tree Essential Oil blend

Diffuse Christmas Tree

You can create your own blend of coniferous oils or just reach for Christmas Tree blend! It combines Fir Needle and Black Spruce to effortlessly recreate the smell of a fresh tree. Use an intermittent setting on your diffuser to get the most out of your blend.

Clay & Felt Ornaments

Another simple way to recreate the fresh tree scent is to go to the source. You can use your artificial tree for passive diffusion by making clay or felt ornaments. Plus it can be a fun craft session with the whole family! To make clay ornaments, all you need is some air hardening clay, cookie cutters, and ribbon. Cut or mold the clay into your desired shape and allow it to dry completely. Once they’re on your tree, you can add a few drops of essential oils and refresh when you notice the scent has dissipated.

DIYs For the Win

And of course, DIYs are a festive way to add the Christmas Tree scent around your home. Just substitute the Christmas Tree blend in these Gelatin Air Fresheners or Holiday Scented Sachets!

Balsam Fir Essential Oil

All the Evergreen Essential Oils

There are a few amazing coniferous oils available. And while you really can’t go wrong with any of them, each oil has its own subtle flair on the fresh tree scent. Plus, every single one of these oils is KidSafe!

Christmas Tree: Bring the feeling of walking in a snowy forest of freshly cut trees home with our Christmas Tree Holiday Blend. The blend of Fir Needle and Spruce Black will make any home smell beautifully fresh and tangy!

Douglas Fir: This lovely oil is one of the newest additions to our collection. With a strong, sweet, clean, piney-fresh scent with citrusy notes, this oil can be stimulating to the senses. Diffusing Douglas Fir gives you the refreshing scent of being in the forest on a crisp winter day.

Balsam Fir: With a distinctively woodsy scent, Balsam Fir not only brings the scent of the woods indoors but also helps lift the spirits and ease breathing.

Fir Needle: Fir Needle features a fresh, dry, resinous, piney aroma. It also comes from a different species than Balsam Fir which helps create its own unique piney scent.

Pine Scots: This oil smells like your classic pine tree with its fresh, sweet-green woody scent.

Spruce Black: Harvested from the picturesque boreal forests of North America, Spruce Black is an abundant coniferous tree that features a fresh, crisp, woody and earthy aroma.

For more festive tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes (SEOR) Facebook Group!