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How to Blend Hydrosols


How to Blend Hydrosols

Hydrosols are one of the most versatile and easy-to-use products that any budding aromatherapy enthusiast can enjoy! I hope you know what I’m talking about. But if you don’t, make sure to check out these blogs to learn more about these wonderfully light and refreshing aromatic waters:

But if you have them and love them already, I’m about to introduce a new idea that just might blow your mind! It’s so simple, you’ll be amazed you didn’t think about it long before.

Have you ever considered….blending them?!

That’s right. Just like how you can take your most favorite essential oils and marry them together for a new fantastic aroma full of amazing benefits, you can do the same with your hydrosols!

And, like with essential oils, the possibilities are practically endless. The combinations, the outcomes, the aromas, and functions—you name it.

So how do you blend hydrosols?

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Honestly, whatever way you want. Let’s say you love misting your pillow with Lavender Hydrosol before going to bed, but are ready to change it up a bit. Try adding a bit of Chamomile Hydrosol and see how you like it. They both have incredibly relaxing properties and sweet floral aromas, but the mixture of them together creates a brand new aroma to fall asleep to.

A personal favorite hydrosol blend of mine helps control breakouts and skin blemishes. It’s an easy-peasy mix of 2 ounces of Tea Tree Hydrosol with 1 ounce of Rose Hydrosol. Just spritz on your face in the evening after washing it like regular. I like to follow it up with a dab of Jojoba Carrier Oil as a moisturizer, but the hydrosol blend is actually pretty moisturizing on its own so you may not even feel like using a cream or oil afterward.

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Another popular hydrosol blend for the face is our DIY Dry Skin Toner. It combines Rose, Lavender, and Helichrysum hydrosols to help quench thirsty skin and give your whole face a refreshing cleanse!

For some extra anti-itchy skin power, try blending Helichrysum, Lavender, and Peppermint hydrosols together. You can blend them equally (for instance, an ounce each), or pick your favorite as the primary hydrosol and add the others sparingly. An example would be starting with Helichrysum Hydrosol, which is wonderful for itchy skin but has an aroma that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Try adding a teaspoon of Lavender Hydrosol and see how it affects the overall smell, then continue to add more until you reach an aroma that is easier for you than Helichrysum alone. It’s always best to start with small amounts and gradually add more to your liking, just like when blending oils.

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Always remember to label your creations with their ingredients and store them in the fridge!

So are you ready to try your hand at blending hydrosols? You can even make some masterpieces with your kiddos, since hydrosols are gentle enough even for babies. That means you won’t have to worry about little hands coming into contact with anything undiluted and harmful. Let your imagination run wild and make sure to tell us some awesome creations in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group for even more inspiration.