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Foaming Hand Soap DIY


Foaming Hand Soap DIY

Making your own Foaming hand soap is not only fun, but you can customize the scent based on season, personal preference or germ fighting power! It’s also and easy & economical way to keep your hands clean!

Foaming Hand Soap DIY

Here’s what you’ll need:

Foaming pump dispenser

Castile Soap


Essential oils – I really like Citrus Burst in the Summer

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Add water about 2/3 full
  2. Combine 3 tbsp castile soap
  3. Add essential oils, about 30 – 40 drops total
  4. Replace cap, shake well

**If you choose not to use a preservative you will need to store it in the fridge. Optiphen plus is a preservative which reduces the instance of bacterial growth in water-based products. We recommend that a preservative is used in any water-based products that you make at home. This is a great choice since it contains no parabens, no formaldehyde, and are not formaldehyde contributors.

A few soap “recipes” to get you started:

Enjoy your foaming hand soap. I love knowing that I am providing a healthy environment even through my cleaning products. Using this hand soap is a gentle yet effective way to ensure that proper hygiene is happening at my house! My kids love to choose their scents and it helps encourage them to wash their hands!